This marks the launch of my first official blog and could not be more excited to completely throw myself into the challenge of sharing my thoughts, ever so keenly, in hopes of forever having detailed, written memories of important moments of my life that I am experiencing. My love for food and the food industry has and continues to blossom since I have only been officially apart of the culinary program a few weeks when I started my first two culinary courses. I plan to get into more recipes and challenge myself with concepts I am learning within my classes and expand my dining experiences with trying different cuisines and dishes from local restaurants.

With my experiences from my classes, practicing and creating recipes, and dining I plan to share my experiences and recipes or recommendations through various posts. This will allow me to look back on what I have learned and experienced as well as pass it on in hopes of sharing how incredible the food industry is and also motivate others to be as passionate about what they want to do as I am. 
I will be starting quite simple leading into simplicity yet an elegant style of looking at and preparing food. I am excited to share all about my experiences and all the deliciousness I discover!


February 22, 2012

The Memories Begin

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