I have officially completed my first culinary class. That would be Culinary Sanitation and I took my exam to be ServSafe Certified last week so should be receiving my scores soon. As long as I pass the exam I will have to set up a meeting with a counselor so I will be allowed to take the next and final prerequisite courses before applying to the culinary program. I am anxious to take the next class because it is all the basic skills and knowledge to have to be able to have professional style in cooking whether it is knife skills or the proper way of making each and every sauce. I am eager to receive my scores so I can sign up for this class before it fills…there are only 24 spots and I really want to get in the first class session which is the second and third week of May. That will give me more of a chance to being accepted to the culinary program for next fall. Fingers crossed! The Chef that I took my first class with highly recommended purchasing the next book as soon as I sign up for the class so I can read and be prepared and not fall behind in the next class since it will move fairly fast and only two weeks long. I am happy to say that I did receive my first “A” in culinary school. I have heard that some classes are very, very tough but my ultimate goal is to get nothing less than an “A”. We’ll see!

I am currently taking a class called Beverage Seminar which originally was just for some fun and to give me more credits but I have realized that this will really be beneficial in the area I plan to go into. By the end of the class I will be able to go through the steps to being successful in knowing a wine through a blind tasting-so cool. I am learning why we serve wines in certain glasses, what types of cheese and crackers pair with each types of wines, about the grapes, about craft beers, different vineyards, etc. Class consists of not only reading and taking notes but actually tasting a wine or beer each class and enjoying a paired cheese, cracker, or what the professor chooses to bring. Every class should be like this, right? I cannot wait to be able to put this with my culinary education because pairing wine with a meal is very important. Just as an FYI if you are trying to pair wine with your meal and not sure with what to pair it with Riesling is the best choice. I found that interesting!

My littlest sister, Andie’s, birthday is the 14th and I am trying to decide what to make her as her birthday treat. She is a big chocolate and cookie dough fan so I am trying to incorporate both! I will post pictures and the recipe of what I end up deciding.

“People who love to eat are always the best people”



March 8, 2012

Testing, Wine, & A Birthday

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