In celebration of my sister, Andie’s, seventeenth birthday Jack and I took her to a late lunch/early dinner at Frita Baditos in Ann Arbor. I followed the chef that owns, runs, and cooks there was one that I followed her journey on “Top Chef” a few years back and also ate at her once restaurant that she closed to open this one. It is Cuban inspired street food and literally to die for. There is a small bar and one of their specialty drinks are their baditos or milkshakes made with the freshest ingredients. Not only is the food an experience in itself, but the decor and layout of the restaurant is so unique that the atmosphere and fantastic service helps make the flawless food taste even better. They have a takeout window for anyone that wants to call in an order and just has to swing by the window to pick it up. For Paige, who will be the new addition to the Ann Arbor scene starting next year, they have an early and late happy hour! Their last hour of service they have deals so you can’t go wrong with drinks and fries (or whatever your choice may be!) I could not recommend this place more! I decided to document my experience through pictures because without tasting, I believe pictures are the next best thing to capture the essence of a meal. 

I started my meal with a cocktail which was guava juice and light rum shaken and served over ice. It was the perfect flavor combination and the sweetness went perfectly with my burger and fries.

Andie and Jack both ordered baditos. Andie ordered passionfruit and Jack ordered mocha. They were both very different, however, the one similarity they had was the perfect flavor combination. 

 The uniqueness of their design just gives me the desire to eat and even hang out there. There are large picnic tables make it nice for large groups but also is spacious for smaller groups as well. They even have outdoor seating for the beautiful days!

 We went with burgers, fries, and for dessert, a churro with a chocolate dunking sauce. All burgers are served on a brioche with shoestring fries. I ordered the chorizo burger with an egg and muenster cheese. It also was served with sweet chili mayo (which may be the first thing I try to recreate out of culinary school-so good!). Andie ordered the beef burger with muenster cheese and the sweet chili mayo. Jack ordered the chicken burger with an egg, muenster cheese, lemon scented mayo, and cilantro lime salsa. He said the sweetness of the salsa cut any heaviness the burger may have so I may have to try that next time. These are definitely a “get your hands dirty” kind of burger. They were delicious! The churros were the biggest I have ever seen. They had a chocolate dunking sauce that had the perfect consistency and seemed to have a hint of cinnamon in it to enhance the chocolate but I am not sure just worth the tasting and calories! There are also other options of burgers, toppings, sides, drinks, and desserts that all can be found on their menu-

Needless to say we all came out with big smiles and full bellies! There is nothing like having an incredible dining experience from the food all the way down to the service and atmosphere. I will be going back numerous times from here on out and with this being my second dining experience, it gets better and better!



March 14, 2012

A Trip to Frita Baditos

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