I am happy to say I just received my results and I passed my Culinary Sanitation exam! I was pretty confident when I was taking the exam but with test taking not being a strength of mine, I admit I was nervous. I am relieved I passed and now will be able to sign up for the next two classes I need to take in order to then apply to the program. It is a lengthy process and seems to be lots of waiting, but worth it for the future! I absolutely cannot wait to dive into the program. I have recently looked at all the courses I will be taking and I just cannot believe all the ways and dishes I will learn to cook and bake. I get just so excited anytime I think about it!

My textbook for my next class came in today and, as nerdy as it sounds, I cannot wait to read the book to its entirety (even being over 1,200 pages)! I cannot believe I have found my passion and am able to follow it whole heartedly. I am so lucky to have this opportunity to pursue my dreams and passion and plan to go about my daily tasks and assignments with the utmost gratitude, dedication, and hard work. If people who taste my food can sense my passion, I could not be more satisfied. That is one of my ultimate goals.

I could not be more thankful xo


March 15, 2012

Next Step to Applying to Culinary School Here I Come…!

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