I received a call today asking me if I would accept a position as an assistant to the pastry chef at a local gourmet grocery store called Joe’s. I could not be more excited and thankful I have been accepted for this position because it is not only great to have a job but also the best way for me to learn within the field I will be studying in and end up working in.

I can’t believe I graduate from undergraduate Saturday. Time sure does fly by. I was once told that “the days are may be slow but the years go by fast” and I have seen that exactly when it comes to my undergrad experience. I am going through all my “lasts” here when it seems like I was just partaking in my “firsts”. As much as it is sad to leave behind this chapter it is so exciting to start my next one! I start my first culinary class Monday and then work Tuesday. I am so happy to be jumping right into it! It is surreal right now but everything is starting to fall into place and I could not be happier because of it.

I can’t wait to start cooking!!!



May 9, 2012

New Chapter

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