I have been loving the Ann Arbor scene, especially restaurants, lately and my dear friend Paige introduced me to another great place down there, The Raven’s Club. We had a beer and dessert and I already cannot wait to go back and try what appetizers and entrees they have to offer.

One of my favorites to do is have a drink and dessert with great company. Paige is just that! For drinks I ordered their housemade ginger beer and Paige had their rotating beer (which today I do not remember exactly what it was). My beer was unreal good and I have been thinking about it since. When I saw the waitress walking out with a pale yellow drink with ice cubs in it I instantly had my thirst quenched…and that was without even taking a sip!!! The look of this drink was not even as good as it tasted. It was a perfect balance of ginger and sweetness and it definitely cooled me down on the 90 degree day we were having.

For dessert we were going back and forth because their menu looked delicious but decided to go with more of a lighter choice than choosing chocolate because of the hot day we had. We had the lavender infused creme caramel with fennel short bread and fresh berries. There was a perfect balance of lavender in the creme caramel (similar texture and look to flan if you didn’t know) so it was not an overpowering floral flavor. Also, I am not the biggest fan of fennel but it, too, was not overpowering in the shortbread. It gave the shortbread the “kick” and “heat” it needed but not too much. This dessert complimented my ginger beer perfectly and highly recommend it!

I love trying new foods and drinks but I really do believe having good company can make it that much better. I do not think anything can beat a great dish and great company! Thanks, Pea!!!




June 21, 2012

The Raven’s Club Visit

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