Jack and I have been able to experience so many fun foods and restaurants this summer and Ann Arbor seemed to be our “hot spot”. There are so many unique restaurants down there and there is always something new to try. Of course we went to our favorite Frita Baditos and have an amazing experience. It was almost an exact replica of the time I blogged on it a few months ago…(Frita). Then we visited two different places for dessert that we had not ever tried before.  
We tried Amedeus European Restaurant that had a old time, comfortable feel and atmosphere and the desserts had a classical but modern play on them. It was an enjoyable first experience and I would definitely go back. 

Then we visited Vinology. I want to go there for dinner one time because their menu looked unreal and by the delicious desserts I am sure the main courses would blow me away. Their desserts were like a work of art and an explosion of flavors in my mouth. 
I definitely recommend these places! 


August 13, 2012

The Lovely Ann Arbor

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