I have officially began my first three weeks of culinary school and it is definitely exceeding my expectations. I have enrolled in baking for the first fifteen weeks and even with the mornings being early with class beginning at 5:30 AM, I already have learned so much.

I am currently at the breakfast danish station and find it to definitely be a challenge. I have been able to make croissants, chocolate croissants, assorted Danishes, coffee cakes, and brioche so far. This is my final week at this station and will be ending it with yeast donuts. That will be a fun experience using the large donut fryer and being able to ice and glaze them. It is just very fun and interesting seeing new recipes an tasks appear on the production list for the week. After this week I will be taking my practical on it and moving along to artisan breads.

I am really enjoying the first three weeks and can’t wait to see what the next few have in store, too! One of the greatest parts of baking is also tasting and I better be careful because they are oh so yummy!!



September 12, 2012

Step 1: Breakfast Danishes

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