I have officially completed my first three weeks of my baking class and have enjoyed every second of it. As in my previous post, I began with breakfast danishes. I learned all about the dough lamentation process from the making of the dough to the rolling and filling of each different danishes and croissants. I also learned how to make brioche, yeast donuts, and sticky buns. It was definitely a fun filled station!! Words cannot describe how mouthwatering (if I do say so myself) each of the items look and taste so I think that visuals are so important. Here is my first three weeks of culinary school summed up in pictures-

I definitely plan to continue to practice these lovely danishes, too! Next station is Artisan Breads…let’s see what that brings!


September 14, 2012

Breakfast Danishes Completed: Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words

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