Jack has surprised me with a birthday trip to Chicago in late November. I can’t wait to experience as much of the culinary world in the time we are there. He has already planned for us to have dinner at the C-House Restaurant and the menu looks to die for. I think he and I will go and visit a few pastry shops while we are there and see the latest trends in such a trendy city. Who knows maybe it will spark and idea within me? I have seen anything from restaurants that have won awards for their desserts to a little shop that has perfected the doughnut. Either way I do not think we will be disappointed with any of our visits. I am looking forward to being able to spending some time with him after a couple months of both juggling a busy schedule and also trying to see one another as much as we can. We are both complete foodies so what an awesome place for us to go! I would love any suggestions on places to see and products to taste! I will certainly post all about our adventures when the time comes!



October 8, 2012

Chicago, Here We Come!

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