I can’t believe that another three weeks have passed and my time on the yeast bread station is completed. The yeast bread station kept me very busy because every recipe consisted of twelve different steps that had to be performed in order for them to come out perfectly. There was a variety of breads we made but some were baguettes, white pan bread, epis, olive thyme bread, olive rosemary bread, challah, pretzels, soft rolls, and fougasse. One thing I learned was the amount of different breads you can make from the baguette dough recipe. Fougasse and epis were made from baguette dough and they were two of my favorite breads we made. The Epis were absolutely beautiful and I loved seeing those come out of the oven. We would dip them in olive oil and a variety of seeds and cut them into designs. I really enjoyed the simplistic beauty of these breads.

I will post pictures of all the delicious breads soon. Next station is the cookie station! I am looking forward to working with doughs that do not contain yeast and not as time consuming to produce so we can produce a lot per day. Plus, who doesn’t like cookies?



October 29, 2012

Yeast Breads

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