I got so caught up in all my fabulous baking that I lost time to write. I was on the cookie station and the quick breads station as my final two stations and those were pretty awesome! They were both kind of basic but that’s why I’m happy I saved them for last. On the cookie station I learned all different typed of cookies from dropped, bagged, rolled, sheet etc. I really enjoyed learning biscotti and these other cookies called mudslides. They taste like heaven on earth!!! They have a crazy amount of chocolate and melt in your mouth when you eat them. They were definitely one of my top favorites treats to eat, too.

In the quick breads station, I learned to make buscuits, scones, coffee cakes, and muffins. We did a variety of each and those were interesting to make because of how often they are made in a house kitchen.

I have found a new love for baking and find that it is more of my passion than any other part of the food industry. I love how you can make such beautiful items out of flour, yeast, and water. It really is an amazing thing. I can officially say I am a Baker!



December 27, 2012

First Semester Was a Success

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