I have officially began and have been in Pastries for about a month now. It is my final class of culinary school and it has been quite a learning experience so far. I have learned a lot about myself personally and also the path I want to take from a professional stand point.

I have learned a lot so far in my four weeks of pastries. The stations I have been apart of are French pastries that consist of macaroons, fresh and baked fruit strip, pâté a choux, madelines, petite fours, napoleons, etc. This was my first station and took a keen liking to it. I find myself really enjoying the French style and will definitely use these within my future.  The next station was tortes and cheesecakes. We built tortes and also baked off large, small, and individual cheesecakes. The decoration process was an important part of the station, too. We always garnish with fruit and a chocolate decoration that are all unique. It is fun to be able to add your own special “touch” on items. My third station has been pies and tarts. I have worked on baked and unbaked pies. Baked consist of apple, cherry, blueberry, etc. Unbaked consist of banana cream pie, lemon meringue, snickers, etc.

I have one final station before my practical. That station is creams and custards. I will be making creme brûlée, creme caramel, rice pudding, bread pudding, panna cotta, and different items similar to that. Creme brûlée is one of my favorite desserts and so I’m looking forward to learning the basics of it and enhancing it with my own touch!



February 15, 2013

Pastries All Around

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