My overnight flight felt like it went by really quickly even though I feel like a walking zombie right now. I had a fabulous, exit row, window seat so I was very lucky to be comfortable. Even though I felt like I did not sleep much, I did manage to sleep and that was helpful with the day that I had planned in Berlin. Of course, as my introduction to Germany, I had to enjoy breakfast of a pretzel and cappuccino at the Munich airport. I was not there long but already feel extremely accomplished of ordering and finding my way through a new, foreign airport! My flight to Berlin was easy and smooth as well. The best part was you do not get served pretzels or peanuts with your drink – you get chocolate! Amazingly smooth, full of flavor, high quality chocolate. Yes, heavenly!

Berlin update coming soon – my day was jam packed and to think I was only here for a little over 24 hours is crazy! I am headed to Potsdam for two days now.

Cheers xo


March 8, 2015

Refueling – Willkommen in Deutschland

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