Third stop on my trip, a couple days ago, was Erfurt. Now this was a very big change of pace in comparison to Potsdam and Berlin. Erfurt is very quaint and it seemed as if everyone knew everybody. The streets are cobblestone and small with only a few that do actually allow cars to drive through. It is pretty special! Erfurt is known for their churches mostly so that was great to see and experience. I truly enjoyed visiting St. Mary’s Cathedral as it is absolutely gorgeous and the architecture blew me away. Also, Martin Luther is very prominent in the culture and very important to the people of Erfurt so the passion that their stories told were inspiring. I have noticed that everyone I have spoken with has a true passion for their city but the most passionate seems to be Erfurt so far – we’ll see if that continues!

I did get to experience some food that I had been wanting to, so that was obviously great! I was told you have to have a “brat on a bun” and as simple as that sounds and as much as you may think I have had this before, you’re wrong. Not like this! I am sad I cannot bring it (the entire stand) home with me! The mustard was unreal too as it had a nice kick to it! It tastes as if horseradish was added so maybe I will have to try to replicate it? I tried to see if I could buy some, but they do not sell it unfortunately. Sorry Lauren – you would have loved it!

Next, I did a chocolate tasting at a local chocolate shop. Their chocolate here is so rich and flavorful. It is extra smooth and creamy. This is every single chocolate I have tasted is like this! Now, we can easily get this in the states but it will just cost more. I know some local chocolate shops that do import their ingredients and when they do, just like Erfurt’s chocolate shop, you can taste the difference based on the quality of chocolate! I had a mix of dark chocolate and milk chocolates. All very tasty!

For dinner, we ate a local restaurant that serves dumplings. When I think of a dumpling I think of chicken and dumplings which is very, very different. However, on the other hand, they are definitely both in the realm of comfort foods. Their dumplings are potato dumplings and made out of nothing more than potatoes. Literally nothing more. I was given a brief description by the head chef so that was interesting and helpful. They boil potatoes and with some they also make mashed potatoes. Then they combine half of each and tightly pack them together and shape them into a round ball. Then they are placed in simmering water where they will sink to the bottom of the pot. Once they rise, they are done! They also always add a few cubes of bread in the center as a “surprise” factor. They are served with gravy as well and you want to “drown” them in gravy – just in case you ever run into German dumplings, you know what to do! They are definitely not like, nor is any meal in Germany, but they are delicious! Of course, I had to enjoy their house beer with them too.

During my tour today I was kind of zoning out slightly as I had a lot of important being shared with me and so in my head I was trying to get back focused when my “guide” asked me if I knew what a “croch is”. Yes, that’s what it sounded like. I paused as I did not know if it was trick question or what – well so it happens that when two roads become one, there is a german word for it that sounds a heck a lot like croch. He said it so seriously though so I was very thrown off! All in all it would make sense but I had to hold back my laughter the remaining time on the tour. Real mature I know!

By the way, I am mastering the train system here and cannot wait to share that with you. As long as their are no strikes or traumatic events – they are on time and efficient. Very german-like, so I am learning!

Next stop, Würzburg and my fabulous brewery visit where I have had the best beer of my life and not sure if it can ever be topped!

Cheers xo


March 12, 2015

Stop #3 – Erfurt

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  1. Jen says:

    Yay, you went to the chocolate shop!!!!