My final stop and journey of Germany has ended in Mainz. This city reminds me of the others, but it, too, has it’s own very special stories. Like most other, the cities highlights are the gorgeous churches that are within the city. They have different denominations but mostly lie Catholic. I love the architecture and very breathtaking walking in and seeing the stain glass windows, alter, sculptures and everything that makes each individual churches unique. Here, the stained glass windows are very prominent and unique. They take great pride in having them in their churches as they are from a Russian artist who the Nazis continuously tried to ruin his artwork and once he fled to the states, he was able to continue and send it back to his home. The city is very new in some areas because of the wars as well. There is a picture below that shows the medieval feel the city used to have more of as it is slowly becoming more modern due to the rebuilding of the war destruction.

I was able to try a dip that is unique to Mainz and that is Spundekäse. It is light red pepper spiced cream cheese dip with, of course, a fresh pretzel. It was absolutely delicious and I had to try to control myself because it was so good but so bad in the same. Again, calories do not count here though, right?! I haven’t been counting anyways!

I was able to see a performance and exhibit of Gutenberg and the printing press and even print a page myself, from the bible, just as he would. It is pretty amazing how much time that would take as I am typing so quickly. We don’t realize how useful technology is sometimes and then I see that and it is eye opening! There are little shops around the museum, too, for children to enjoy a produce art just like he did.

I spent the day with a woman who is very passionate about Mainz but she told me something that really stuck out and that was “We travel with our senses”. I was telling her how I wish I could be experiencing this with someone close to me as pictures and my descriptions do not do it justice and she is exactly right – I can show a picture but there is nothing like seeing, feeling, smelling, tasting and hearing the world. Absolutely nothing can exceed that.

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March 13, 2015

Final Stop in Germany – Mainz

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