“The Heidelberg Student’s Kiss” goes back to the cafe where I had lunch, Café Knösel. It all began at the café that Fridolin Knösel owned and operated. He was a chocolatier and master confectioner – can you tell why I already love this story? Anyways, like previously mentioned, the girls and boys both enjoyed his creations alike and this was a special place for them to go enjoy…separately. At this time, there was no acknowledging any attraction between one another. There were always glances exchanged and I am sure some batting of eyes, and Mr. Knösel noticed this. That is why he created “The Heidelberg Student’s Kiss”.  This was a special creation and it began to grow as very meaningful if received. Mr. Knösel allowed these young boys and girls to express themselves with the gifting of chocolates – makes perfect sense, right? It still happens today but in a very different way as this was the only means of communication without words even being exchanged. 

I had the opportunity to visit the café, where it all began and now, right down the sidewalk, is the shop that these are sold. Where they are still made by the very same recipe created in 1863. The woman in the shop, I was told, is Mr. Knösel’s great, great, great, great (a lot of greats) granddaughter. She still runs the shop and it will be passed throughout the family. I had the opportunity to meet her and she is very special. The city of Heidelberg gifted me a Student’s Kiss and I as much as I want to try it – I plan to save it. I couldn’t imagine eating it alone as it is more than chocolate and that was truly expressed to me. This chocolate creation has completely impacted this city and also anyone who comes and visits.

This story truly warmed my heart and I certainly hope, if you have not heard it, it will warm yours too!



March 13, 2015

The Sweet History of “The Heidelberg Student’s Kiss”

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  1. Rhonda Hurst says:

    Oh my goodness…what a story! Loving learning about all of these new things! Great job!!!

  2. Peggy Daykin says:

    What a sweet story!