Wow! Cuenca is absolutely magical! We stayed in a prime location as our view of the city, was perfect. There are two parts of Cuenca, the new town and the old town. We stayed in the old town and my pictures will show you why! I am fortunate to have spent two nights in this quaint town as it was a nice change of pace from Madrid. The hotel was a special experiencing and defines the meaning of “sight sleeping”. 

Walking is prominent in Cuenca as the roads to get around are tiny and steep! I was able to get good workouts in from up the hills and stairs – everything was so steep but it was amazing and how cool to have a city up so high like that? They are known for their hanging houses and my view allowed me to see them perfectly. In order to get from the hotel to old town, we had to cross a long, wooden, almost wobbly bridge. I am not afraid of heights but I do get butterflies and then an adrenaline rush from them and this absolutely did that.

The first night in Cuenca the choir put on another concert and this one was much more quaint and the entire city of Cuenca was there to see them sing. It was beautiful – some people even drove an hour to see them! They loved their voices and the choir was fabulous by greeting the people and really showing their appreciation for them being in the audience. They sang in an octagonal church so their voices sounded unbelievable and their faces when they first heard themselves was magical to them! 

The town is little but there are plenty of places to explore! One of my favorite parts of this stop was the wine tasting in a family owned vineyard, Pago Calzadilla and that was so beautiful. I can only imagine what it looks like in the summer with all the greenery and the scenery. It was absolutely beautiful! We were able to taste four different wines, enjoy cheese, chips and chicharrones – perfect! I truly did not know how popular potato chips were here but they are! 

I made an amazing new friend named Jenn and she is very photogenic! She has an unbelievable personality and her smile is contagious so I had to share her with you!

The lovely sunset while drinking red wines made me think of my Dad as two of his favorite things. Unlike him, I only got a couple of pictures of the sunset and not a whole card filled with them! It would have been fun to experience with him!


March 18, 2015

“Sightsleeping” & Sipping in Cuenca

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