Montserrat, I adore you! It is a beautiful monastery, high in the mountains with a magical church, restaurants, museums – it’s like their own village. Like I mentioned, it is very high on a mountain so we were able to take a cable car down to really take in all the scenery!
The choir on our tour were able to perform quickly inside of the church and it was breathtaking. We stopped here on the way to Barcelona for Valencia and I am so happy we did. My words cannot describe in a way that my pictures could, really! We did not have much time but the pictures say it all I think!

Montserrat is one of those places where it truly is hard for me to put into words with how exquisite it is and that’s why I will put many pictures on this so you can get a feel for it, even without being there!

Before we did a tasting, we had a fav picnic lunch. Wine goes with every meal and the little sandwiches with Manchego cheese between in a baguette is Also, in Montserrat, they are known for their fine liquors. We had a very nice quick tasting of four of their specialities. They packed a lot of flavor including flowers, cinnamon, etc. It was fun to experience, and taste their local products.

On this very special tour of mine, I am finding myself more and more connected to the churches I am visiting and it has been a unique way to spend Lent. This was gorgeous but headed to Barcelona and there you will see my favorite church and what really “spoke to me”!



March 21, 2015


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