The reason I am traveling throughout France is because of an event called Rendezvous France where suppliers and tour operations come together and meet, discuss, connect, etc. This event is three days in Paris and I, fortunately, had the opportunity to participate in a pre-tour, which was the Midi-Pyrénées Great Sites tour which began in Toulouse. I honestly did not know what to expect, which you may find as a trend during my travels, but I went in with a complete clear and ope minded head and tried not to be too nervous as it was a whole different element and completely knew people. I do not know why I was so nervous as I have called in love with the people in every place I have been – but that’s just me! 

Anyways, I was able to take a train from Perpignan to Toulouse, it was about an hour and very quick and easy! Honestly, the train systems in Europe rock! They are clean (my favorite), efficient and easy. Cannot get much better than that! 

Arriving in Toulouse there were probably close to 75 people that were just arriving as well, from all over the world, and ironically, the first person I met was from Michigan. I was like WHAT! This is crazy! It was a sign that I had no reason to be nervous and just remain confident. 

The first, and only day in Toulouse, was spent exploring the city and also visiting the Aéroscopia Museum. Toulouse is called the “pink city” because of all the brick used making it made up of mostly pink or a reddish color buildings – like brick. I loved Toulouse – pretty shops, buildings, churches – during the day was nice but fell in love with it at night. The museum was interesting and all about the variety of planes, usage, how built, history behind them and such. Flying can intimidate me at times but it was quite interesting to see how it has progressed over the years. I think I would be extra nervous to fly without doors and windows – but hey, maybe I am not that rebellious! 

It was not that busy of a day as everyone was just arriving and trying to get situated but in the evening, we did have a welcome cocktail party. It was fun to learn about people and where they were from as the groups were parting ways the following day and so it was nice taking advantage of some time to learn about those that were going in a different pre-tour. As nice as it was, the best part of my evening was my walk throughout the streets of Toulouse as it was dark and they were lit nicely. It was magical, honestly. I had some really good company as well so that’s always helpful too. Exploring a new city is great anytime, but always nice to have company! 

Unfortunately, one quick day was all my time in Toulouse! I definitely want to visit again, as I do think there was more to see, but I took full advantage of my time there and what I did not realize, is how much more magical my pre-tour would get!



April 1, 2015

Midi-Pyrénées – Starting with Toulouse

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