It was a sunny, most gorgeous day in Salzburg. That was very different from the snow storm I experienced a week ago. It felt like springtime and I was there on a mission. If you do not already know, a dirndl is a traditional German and Austrian outfit that women wear to work, dinner, events, etc. Most women have more than one and different styles for different occasions. These are not taken lightly! If you have seen pictures of Oktoberfest, you have seen a dirndl. It is the female outfit in comparison to the male lederhosen. Sandra requested I purchase one for our company events where we promote Germany and Austria. Sandra is German so she has some and so it was time for me to get one of my own. It can be an intimidating process to make sure the actually dirndl is the color you want, size, price, etc. It then has to have a matching apron of some sort and then a blouse to go with it. This can be quite a challenge when not speaking German! Thankfully, our city guide for the day, Astird, took me to help me purchase my first dirndl. She also gave me her opinions and dang she made me feel good!

I did not have a lot of time and had to make it quick. I knew I wanted darker colors so I did not “stand out” but all in all, I am going to be the girl wearing a dirndl in Charlotte so that sentence really does not make sense. The first one I picked and tried on worked perfectly and was in my price range. Disclaimer – dirndls can be quite pricey! I do have to say, it is one of the best fitting outfits I have. Compliments all the right places.

The process of your first dirndl shopping and purchase is an important process. Finding your first dirndl is a moment to remember. I am so thankful I had someone to kind assisting me through the steps and the process as a whole. I am an “expert” now, so anyone who needs assistance with finding their first dirndl, please do not hesitate in contacting me!

This was not a previously planned purchase so I am not sure I have room for it in my luggage. I will probably just wear it on the plane because, why not?

As if Salzburg was not special to me before, being my first place I visited in Austria, I sure do thing buying my first dirndl there will make it officially it. For now at least!



January 31, 2016

My First Dirndl + Final Stop in Salzburg

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