I am an avid list maker. I write absolutely everything down. Even the inevitable tasks simply so I can cross them off – i.e. brushing my teeth. You may not think that is a task that will inevitably be accomplished, but I certainly do. Zero judgement here, of course! I revisit them often throughout the day, week, month, even year. One list that I am not as active with, and I am not sure why, is my bucket list. I sometimes am challenged with what is dreaming and what is realistic. A bucket list is supposed to be dreamy and magical though so I do not know why I can be so held back with it! About 6 1/2 years ago, Jack and I created a bucket list. We did it together as, yes I am independent and so is he, but these experiences that we have our eyes set on are experiences that we would like to share in together. This bucket list still hangs in the cork board of my room. I no longer live there but it is something that catches my eye and has my mind rolling every time I step into it. We had simple desires such as seeing a black and white movie in a theater, taking a train for a trip, eating in a top chef’s kitchen, etc. A lot of our wishes seemed to be having to do with travel. I looked back on it this past Christmas when I was back home in my room and it is so invigorating to be able to “cross” off those that we have accomplished in the past 6 1/2 years. My most memorable one that we were able to accomplish, if I have to just pick one, was our trip to NYC this winter. I absolutely adore the Christmas season and NYC during Christmas is the most magical place. It was hard for me to leave the city. After that trip and when looking at 2016, we knew it was time to make a new bucket list and add onto the adventures we had yet to accomplish. Over coffee, we did, and even though I am typically prepared, I forgot paper. A napkin bucket list it ended up being!
Yesterday was really when all of this resonated to me. Jack and I do not talk much throughout the work day besides little check ins here and there. Yesterday we had a brief text discussion about our upcoming European trip as I informed him of something I had confirmed. During the brief conversation the phrase “once in a lifetime” was thrown around quite a bit. It went from that this was a once in a lifetime trip to let’s make this our first once in a lifetime trip. It concluded with Jack saying that this is the way that we should look at everything. It truly hit “home” to me as I do try to live this way but sometimes I get wrapped up in other things. Something clicked for me from his words (or maybe it was the caffeine from my almond milk latte I was having at the time). I’ll give this one to J!

I am learning to stop thinking so much and letting my head and heart run free and dream at times. There will not always be the opportunities to do things like moving to Charlotte to take on a new city, flying to Boston to see my sister play hockey, or taking a weekend trip to simply have brunch, drink champagne, and celebrate life with Jack’s siblings in Atlanta. Time goes by faster each and every day and I say we just need to go for it!

Here’s to new adventures and crossing things off our updated, very sophisticated, napkin bucket list. Starting with Paris in 49 days!



February 19, 2016

once in a lifetime living

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