I have been drawn to the city of Paris for years now. It all began when my love and appreciation for food and all that it embodies. It also does not hurt how romantic the city is and how much of a hopeless romantic I am. Last year I traveled to Paris for my first time but with how busy I was with work, and how it didn’t feel right visiting without Jack, this trip felt like my first time. It was fun experiencing that together and also having Paris be the introduction to Paris for Jack.

We started out our three days in Paris with a picnic with the Eiffel Tower as our view. A picnic was a little something we talked about since Paris was a “go”. I wanted to go to the markets and shop for fruit, cheese, bread, charcuterie, and wine. I began to realize that we had no idea the neighborhood we would be staying in, what was near us, etc. so I proceeded with googling “picnic in Paris”. That is when I stumbled upon a company called Paris Picnic. It was PERFECT!! As we walked the streets to meet someone from Paris Picnic to collect our goods, we realized what an amazing neighborhood we were in for everything, including picnic shopping, but the convenience and quality they provided us was everything. We were met at the base of the tower with a fresh baguette, cheese, charcuterie, a salad, fresh fruit, macarons, and champagne. Also included in this bag was a blanket – what is a picnic without a picnic blanket?! If you are ever in Paris, please use them. They have a variety of places you can pick up from and sitting and enjoying their fresh food with the views is unbelievable. One of the best moments of our trip. It was a magical day and a perfect way for us to get off the plane, arrive in the city, and enjoy lunch. From lunch we continued to walk and explore our little neighborhood, as well as, the neighborhood of Montmartre (where Sacre Coeur is located). We probably would not have ventured here but I was offered a private guide by Discover Walks from my meetings during the days before Paris. This was AMAZING! I am not much of a tour person – I like to explore on my own. With how little time we had in the city it was nice to meet and learn from someone who has lived in Paris all his life and specifically Montmartre. Jack and I loved this area. It was right off the street with the famous Moulin Rouge but had a quaint feel to it. The streets are cobblestone and small. It is quite hilly and so many amazing shops. The cafés, cheese shops, butcher shops, bars…everything was exactly what we love. If we ever hit the lottery, an apartment in Montmartre is happening we decided!

It was a heck of a first day in Paris and accomplished so much in a little amount of time. We were both exhausted so bed early was the plan and so unbelievably happy we did as we woke up feeling rested and I was in for the best surprise the next morning!

The following morning, Jack proposed in front of the Eiffel Tower with the sun shining!!!! I will share all the fun details at a later date, with Jack’s input, too, but that morning we became happily engaged in Paris!! The day still feels surreal but certainly cannot wait to share my thoughts, feelings, and emotions from our perspectives!

The rest of the time in Paris was spent exploring, eating, enjoying each other, and telling EVERYONE that we were a newly engaged couple!!! We did a lot of walking so we could see as much as possible. All the markets and stands of fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and breads may be my favorite thing about Paris. We could walk down the street and get anything and everything that was the best quality. We did this for a lot of meals and had a favorite little shop we would pop in to buy a bottle each evening (or afternoon on occasion)! We were lucky to have gorgeous weather, too, so bringing a picnic to the park is a norm. The parks were absolutely packed with people eating, playing, and just relaxing in the sun. We loved this, too.

Our final day took us to the top of the Eiffel Tower in the morning where we could overlook the exact location where Jack was down on one knee. The sun was shining and just a beautiful morning spent at the tip top of the tower with my fiancé!

Too many baguettes, pain au chocolat, and champagne later we find ourselves on a plane to London leaving the most romantic city in the world fiancés! We could not be more excited and looking forward to taking on everything to come, together!


p.s. Did I mention how in love with Paris I am? Counting down every moment it takes for us to be back and cannot wait to share our magical engagement story!


April 14, 2016

for the love of Paris

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