My (two) coins thrown in Trevi Fountain in March certainly brought me back to Rome way sooner than I could have imagined. My travels this year have all brought quite memorable experiences but this was one specifically special. My family, all seven of us, were to travel to Italy + Greece to celebrate our parent’s 30th wedding anniversary. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate what get have accomplished together thus far especially being a lot of their first times in Europe! The highlight of the trip that was the main focus was to have their vows renewed in Rome.

We walked the cobblestone streets, got lost in the city we were told was “walking through a museum”. Of course, we ate beyond our weight in pasta, drank more wine than I can think of and cannot even admit the gelato that was consumed. All in all I believe we all truly saw the importance of traveling as a family. Family time is important and, thankfully, all seven of us are very close. However, being in a foreign country, experiencing new adventures brought us even closer. We laughed, cried (happy tears) and probably did our fair share of annoying each other but it was all out of love, of course! We even had Flytographer document some of our time and have some priceless pictures thanks to Roberta!

My dad kept mentioning, not in a sad way, that this could potentially be our last family trip just us seven. I am getting married next year and sure siblings will then soon follow. After that who knows where jobs, growing families and just all around life will take us. We are all so excited about that but took in the time enjoying just us (original) seven! We used this time as a celebration together. A time to celebrate my parent’s accomplishments and the love we have for one another. I could not be more thankful for my family and having the opportunity to be in a magical place, like Rome and Greece, together will always be held dear to my heart.

Thank you Dad for suggesting and organizing this one in a lifetime family trip – we are all so thankful to carry these memories that we will be telling our children about one day! This should be a 30 year tradition!



June 6, 2016

hello rome – back so soon?

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