The day of my parent’s vow renewal was magical all around! It began with a private tour of the Vatican Gardens, St. Peter’s Basilica and then Vatican Museums ending with the Sistine Chapel. Now is that is a dream day in itself, I do not know what is, but it did not stop there!

That evening we proceed to Sant’ Alessio all’Aventino where the beautiful church perched up on a hill overlooking Rome, was waiting for us. Also Fabio and Fr. Roberto was waiting for us to go over details for the private vow renewal ceremony. The basilica is breathtaking. Literally takes your breath away with the natural light shining in over the 13th century basilica. It was beautifully set up for the intimate ceremony for just us. Two of my sisters and my brother did the readings and my parents had their vows renewed and rings blessed. It was one of the best ceremonies and moments I have ever been apart of. There was not a dry eye amongst us. 

Following the ceremony, we had a reception outside on the terrace overlooking the sunset on Rome. Champagne, prosciutto, grilled vegetables and lots of mozzarella was apart of it. I never wanted to leave. At that moment, it felt as if the world had stopped and we were in our own sort of heaven. It was like a dream – straight out of a movie and we got to experience it just the seven of us and Fr. Roberto & Fabio, who had his hands in the organization of it all (thanks to my boss, too). If I could, I would fly Fr. Roberto to Charlotte to perform the ceremony for me and Jack next year! He was unbelievable  and his homily really stuck to me. I have gone to weddings where it seems like the priest is not speaking about the couple getting married – it is very generic wedding talk. Fr. Roberto did not know my parents for more than 30 minutes and he “hit the nail on the head” per se when it comes to honoring them. He said that a marriage is not like purchasing a house that is already built that you simply just walk into and go about your life. A marriage is like the process of building a house and you’re constantly building, fine tuning, and enhancing. I could not agree more and it was uplifting hearing him speak about solid foundation and what it takes to have a successful marriage. Their marriage was also blessed by Pope Francis himself and the Vatican – pretty special!

Not to change the subject on me, it is my parent’s day, but being there could not have made me more excited to marry Jack!

I recommend, wherever in the world, to experience this with your significant other or be apart of the celebrate of a family member of friend. It is magical. If you can make it happen in Rome, too, definitely go for it!



June 6, 2016

vow renewal for 30 years

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  1. Peggy says:

    What a wonderful way to celebrate their Anniversay!