The time back since Jack and I returned from Paris and our European tour has been a whirlwind enjoying our engagement, making wedding plans and just soaking in every moment! I landed back in Europe celebrating my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary and now just enjoying summer together. We want to share our story as April 9, 2016 was truly a magical day! We decided to do it in two parts: my version and Jack’s version! Welcome to my blog, Jack Daykin! SO happy to have you!

jenna’s story

We both arrived in Paris the day before we actually got engaged. Jack was jet lagged and I was exhausted from my work schedule from the previous weeks. We had an amazing picnic near the Eiffel tower, did some exploring/site seeing, and then crashed early. When I say early, I mean it! We were out by 5:30 pm!

The next morning we had organized a photoshoot with Flytographer. Being such the planner I am, I wanted to make sure we had amazing pictures while in Europe. We (me being the ringleader) asked for a session for Christmas as a couples gift. I did this without having any idea Jack already had this in mind for when we were in Paris. I just need to learn not to control every detail of situations but wanted Jack’s first time in Europe to be carefree for him. Regardless, I was the one who had been in contact with Flytographer the entire time…or so I thought. My thought was that we could do this session to ensure we have amazing pictures where we travel because selfies only get so far, right? Since I set everything up, Jack had even more work on his hands and had to go around what I had planned to, more importantly, ensure his plan was made happen, too. They have a whole Skype and planning session for engagements! I learned this after the fact, of course.

We met Krystal in the morning and did some shots near markets and the streets. We smelled the flowers, had a espresso at a local café and just tried to be ourselves – Krystal kept telling us to act naturally so we tried to just converse (easier said than done). It was probably about 9:30 am and we walked to the park right below of the Eiffel Tower. We were loosening up with Krystal and starting to feel a little less awkward with our pictures, well at least for us which is still VERY awkward! There were very few people in the park which surprised me since it was such a beautiful morning. There was an organized run of some sort going on the weekend we were in Paris and they ran right around the Eiffel Tower area, slightly behind where we went so as we arrived “We Will Rock You” by Queen came on. If that is not a sign, I do not know what is! Krystal was fidgeting with her camera and Jack and I were laughing that is the song that was on. Krystal said “I have to change my battery” and that is when Jack turned to me and said, “Jenna, I have to tell you something”. I had a couple thoughts but none of them was that he was going to propose. First thought, was that Krystal’s battery ran out quickly and second was like, “Not now, she is changing her battery! We need to have something to talk about when she says be natural”. Well once he started talking there was no question what was happening and honestly my mind went blank! Thank goodness the only words needed from me was “yes” otherwise we may have been in trouble! He got down on one knee on the most beautiful day in Paris and asked me to marry him. No question in my mind and I am so excited to marry him and be his wife!

Even though we were in a very public place yet it felt like we were the only two people in the world. Jack mentioned that there were people clapping for us and I did not hear that. I could hardly stand, my knees were weak and my hands were shaking! We had a bit of time left with Krystal and ended up having a second portion of our shoot be more engagement pictures. We went back to our hotel after we finished with Krystal and didn’t even know where to begin. We wanted to tell the world but the people of our world were sleeping considering this happened around 9:30 am Paris time. By the time we got back to our hotel we told everyone we could think of and even Facetimed our parents – they were similar as they were both expecting it and the screens were pitch black as it was SUPER early and they were still sleeping!

The rest of the day went by so quickly even though I never wanted it to end. We went to a fun wine tasting and then met Jack’s cousin and her husband for dinner as they were leading a group throughout France. We loved that we were able to celebrate with them that night. It is always fun to see family especially under the circumstances.

Our night finished in the exact place it started, the Eiffel tower. This time we picked up a bottle of 2 euro champagne, walked to a bench, played music, talked and drank the champagne directly out of the bottle as the Eiffel tower lit up in front of us. It was perfect. It was quiet and just us and nothing in the world mattered. That is a moment I will forever remember and cherish after screaming our excitement from the rooftops – a moment of quiet, just us. It was surreal and still surreal. I am constantly getting called out for looking at my absolutely gorgeous ring! I cannot wait to do that for the rest of my life and I absolutely cannot wait to marry you Jack Daykin!!

jack’s story 

Our trip to Paris offered the perfect engagement opportunity that I had been looking for. The most romantic city in the world! My only dilemma was how could I capture this moment that would happening on the other side of the world, so that we would have it forever?

I started researching and was overwhelmed by the positive feedback for Flytographer. As fate would have it, Jenna was doing the same research and convinced our families to gift us the session for Christmas and Jenna eagerly volunteered to do all of the planning…awesome :-/

In secret, I contacted our Flytographer team to let them know of my plan. Krystal could not have been more helpful – walking me through the best location, how to position myself to get the best pictures and we even worked out a secret cue so we both knew exactly when I was going to propose.

First order of business was a quick 18hr trip home to Michigan to ask her Dad from his daughter’s hand in marriage. We agreed to meet for a quick coffee and 2 hrs later I had his blessing and words of advice that I will never forget.

A week later and after an 8hr flight of constantly checking and rechecking that the engagement ring was still in my pocket, I arrived to meet Jenna in Paris.  Our plan was to meet Krystal first thing the following morning. I could barely sleep I was so excited (I only woke up 3 times to make sure the ring still hadn’t left my pocket).

We met with Krystal the next morning and had a blast laughing at each other while we took pictures holding hands through the streets of Paris, looking at flowers, and enjoying a coffee at a local café. It was a perfect morning. Finally, it was time to start walking towards the Eiffel tower. My heart was beating out of my chest but I tried my best to play it cool. I couldn’t believe this was finally happening. I was about to propose to the girl of my dreams in the most romantic city of earth. This was going to be amazing. I continuously ran my rehearsed speech through my head while I smiled and nodded at everything Jenna was saying but I couldn’t hear anything but my own pulse.

We were now is position – directly in front of the Eiffel tower. Krystal gave me the cue and I grabbed Jenna’s hands and turned towards her. In that moment I have never seen her, or anyone look as beautiful as she did in that moment. It made me freeze. Then, out of nowhere, Queen’s We Will Rock You started playing the back ground. This made us both laugh and woke me up from my temporary daze. I got down on one knee, said my secret words to her, and she said yes!

After placing the ring on her finger we laughed and kissed and were in total bliss. This day will forever be one of the most important days of my life and, in a way, feels like first day of the rest of my life. I will be forever grateful to Krystal and Flytographer for capturing these moments in such beautiful pictures that we will have for the rest of our lives.

Thank you Krystal and Flytographer for capturing a moment we will cherish forever. We appreciate how, even with being with us through the engagement, the intimacy was kept. We truly bonded with Krystal and thankful she is apart of our engagement story. She is definitely getting an invitation to the wedding but better yet, we have a friend to meet next time we are in Paris!

Our wedding planning is in full gear and the official date is Saturday, September 23, 2017 in Charlotte, NC! We cannot wait to have all our family and friends with us as we show off our city and celebrate the utmost love and happiness.



July 25, 2016

our engagement story

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  1. rnaboz@comcast.net says:

    Ok I’m crying,your description was beautiful!!It is so wonderful to be sooooo in love and believe it or not after 55 years so are we.!!We are so blessed!
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  2. Peggy says:

    I’m so excited for Wedding Year! I love you both and your story!😘