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Jack and I were chatting this week that a year ago, this weekend, we were in NYC doing as many Christmas activities as possible. I had a work engagement so Jack “tagged” along as he had never been to NYC. I had visited a few times but always in the summer months and I have always been told that it is truly magical during the holiday season. Magical is right!
If you recall, we had a particularly warm early winter last year & this weekend in NYC was certainly that. When Jack and I travel together in places we have never been we go hard all day & walk for miles. We do not want to miss anything! We had so many suggestions to satisfy our Christmas cravings. We even the chance to have drinks & a NY slice with one of our friends, Kristen. We felt at home to say the least.

We arrived late one evening so got some rest to gear up for a fun day ahead. We started our day with hot cocoa & skating at the Rockefeller Center. The decorations, the music, the tree, the ice skating…wow! I could have hopped on a flight right after and felt like we had a successful trip. We were scheduled to see the Rockettes early that afternoon and did not have too much time in between our skating & show time but we HAD to try a NY bagel. We had been talking about it ever since we booked out trip! I stumbled upon Ess-a-Bagel and that was a short distance away from our hotel, the Rockefeller Center, and Radio City so Ess-a it was! We fell in LOVE! We later found out it is one of the most famous bagel shops in NYC & for good reason. The atmosphere, their bagels, and the line out the door speaks for it. Waiting in that line is well worth it, too!

The Rockettes were amazing & put on a one of a kind show. That was on my “bucket list” and being it New York, was so special! As mentioned, we walk EVERYWHERE and until our feet feel like they are going to “fall off” when we travel places like NYC. We were in search of he best Christmas decor and important, meaningful places Jack had to see while being there for the first times. Places stunned us like the NYC Stock Exchange, NYC Library, One World Trade Center, Grand Central, Macy’s window (well Macy’s in general) and the Bryant Park Christmas Market to name a few. The best part was as we walked, everyone had Christmas Music playing onto the streets. The city was absolute magic!


To wrap up the trip, our final evening we spent at The Dead Rabbit. Kristen suggested it to us and it was the perfect spot for us. They have three levels with craft cocktails and a drink menu that will leave any palate satisfied! Jack and I do our best “thinking” and tend to have some of our most meaningful conversations while sitting at a bar. I am not sure why, I am not saying we are drinking heavily either ;-), but seems to always happen. We love sitting at bars, talking, people watching and just enjoying each other’s company. It was the perfect way to reflect on our trip, enhance our excitement for Christmas and  just be together.

Reflecting back on a trip we refer back to all the time is quite meaningful and we made many memories that will certainly bring us back to NYC in the future! Who would have thought that a year later we would be engaged & preparing our wedding for 2017? One day we will be back at The Dead Rabbit chatting about just that.

Here’s to a new holiday season with many more memories to create!





December 9, 2016

throwback – christmas in nyc

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  1. Peggy says:

    Christmas in New York looks wonderful and delicious!