in the details, darling | 2 Days in Charleston

My brother was in town and so why not a quick trip to one of the most special places in the world! One aspect that I LOVE about Charlotte is that there are so many great places to visit in a short car distance away. Charleston was Drew’s choice and off we went!

My travels seem to mainly consisting of food and then walking to stumble upon my next food encounter. Thankfully Drew enjoys that, too! Do not get me wrong we saw a lot of historic, charming Charleston but we left with a memorable taste of one of Charleston’s best fried chicken sandwiches. Best of both worlds in my opinion!

One of my favorite stops and stores to date was Candlefish. Oh my goodness. They have hundreds of candles that smell AMAZING! They host a evening candle making class (unfortunately was already sold out) and the vibe and decor of the store just speak to me. They write all their candle scents in a large book. Yes, handwritten! 

Drew had a breakfast biscuit from the famous “Hot Little Biscuit”, we found amazing coffee, pastries, you name it. We walk 11 miles one day and saw the trade market, rainbow row, walked down to the ocean…just explored. The best part of it was having a buddy to do that with! 



March 22, 2017

48 hours in charleston