Jack and I went on our SURPRISE honeymoon in October! We went a few weeks after our wedding so we could catch our breath a bit! We were able to get some sleep, organize our place, have a few “just married” dates, and send out our thank you notes (obv)! 

Let me rewind a bit to our decision to not select the destination! Planning a wedding requires constant decision making! It is great because, we think, it is important for your wedding to be “you” and unique to your liking. With that being said, that means there are A LOT of decisions being made on a daily basis. When we started to brainstorm on destinations, we had upwards of 15 that sounded great. It ranged from secluded, to bustling cities, to staying in the states to going to Asia. We were all over the map (pun intended) and that is when we decided LETS NOT DECIDE! Ultimately the destination could only enhance the fact that WE WERE ON OUR HONEYMOON so since we did not have a dream honeymoon destination, we would have an amazing time wherever we went, just us!  

Since I worked in the travel industry, I have seen first hand the amazing benefits of hiring a travel professional! We thought, if we shared what ultimately we wanted to “get out” of the trip, they this person could just run with it, right? RIGHT! This is exactly what happened! 

We proceeded with hiring my boss! The process was pretty simple. We sat down, provided our dates, budget, what was important to us, and let her ask questions! The little “interview process” then allowed her to really get a feeling to the vibe we were looking for even if we did not know what it was ourselves! 

Fast forward to October, the only decision we had to make was what outfits we would be wearing on the flight and…yeah that was actually it! It was the best decision we could have made and felt so good to not be doing the planning, research, and execution ourselves! 

We ended up in Spain & Portugal! Our first stop was at a cava vineyard just outside of Barcelona for one night to relax and get over our jetlag. We also drank plenty of cava – my favorite! The next day we went into Barcelona where we spent two days before flying to Portugal! In Portugal we visited Lisbon, Fatima and, Cascais! I look forward to sharing more details on these destinations! 

After a hectic few months of planning our wedding I was beyond thankful to not have to plan any aspect of our honeymoon! It was a beautiful time for us to just be “us” together and be completely care free! I would go back anytime to our decisions being where to eat/drink for the day! 

Thank you Sandra & iNSIDE EUROPE!  

P.S. Planning a honeymoon? Maybe even interested in a surprise honeymoon for yourself? Let me know! I will hook you up with an incredible travel advisor!!! 


December 30, 2017

a surprise honeymoon