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Hi! My name is Jenna…Jenna Daykin!

 I am the girl behind in the details, darling and I am so excited to introduce myself!

in the details, darling has been designed as a virtual assistant company focusing on assisting entrepreneurs lighten their task lists so they can center their focus on other aspects of their company and those tasks that always get put on the back burner but have always been a dream. This is different for everyone! It can be anything from social media, blogging, creating newsletters, booking travel plans, itinerary building, client relations, research, calendar management…you name it! I am here to assist you with designing, implementing, and executing a plan that is designed specifically for you to reach new heights in your business! 

I started in the details, darling to not only make an impact on those entrepreneurs around me that could benefit from my approach to organization, but so I could also surround myself with positive, hardworking, inspiring people. I bring a unique approach to everyday’s day to day execution! I LIVE to check things off my to-do list. I LIVE to do this with keen attention to detail and a smile! I get giddy thinking about how getting a task off the to-do list brightens your day! Throughout my life experiences so far I continue to see where my passions lie. I am passionate about assisting others and strive to make their lives and tasks run smoothly and efficiently daily. I take pride in executing details no matter the size. I strive to always be one step ahead. There is no mile I would not go to add extra personal touches or ensure tasks are completed to the best of my ability.

a few fun facts about me: 

  • I got married in September! My husband (still sounds funny to me), has been my crush since I was 13 years old! Yes, I used has because he still is!
  • I was born & raised in Michigan! I consider this a second home because “home” is where family & friends are, right?
  • I played college basketball. Well, I actually was able to make it in six games due to a career ending injury but was able to leave my mark through my attitude! I have an award named after me at my alma mater, Northwood University, called the “Anastos Attitude Award”. It is awarded annually to a player on the women’s basketball team who have an exceptional attitude especially during adversity. 
  • I have worked in the travel industry for over three years & love being apart of people seeing the world! This is how in the details, darling started – through the ability to use my experiences to assist travel professionals in their day to day operations and I LOVE it! 
  •  I am head over heels in love with my city, Charlotte! It is growing by the minute and, in result, I am growing by the minute with it! It is filled with the most amazing, driven people & some of the best coffee shops! 
  •  I LOVE getting mail! I love sending it even more! Anyone close to me has probably received a handwritten letter, snail mail style from me in the past year.
  • Cava is my drink of choice & way to my heart. 
  • I believe in celebrating EVERYTHING! Yes, I am one of those suckers that will buy the brownies just to celebrate “national brownie day” when I would prefer the donut. 
  • I could live off pizza

I am here to make magic with you! 

the details

January 15, 2018

hi, i’m jenna