in the details, darling | February 2018 Goals

The month of love is HERE! I love a good reason to celebrate and especially when celebrating love. That could be for my husband, sweet pups, mom, dad, siblings, best friends, simply myself, or the stranger I encounter – celebrate it. My valentines have been dropped in the mail and I am ready to continue to spread love throughout this month!

Before I touch on my February goals, I have to touch on January. January felt like it was not a real month this year. It was SO busy, SO quick, and I don’t think I had 24 hours in a day. It was amazing in so many ways – in the details, darling worked with amazing entrepreneurs and I got the two sweetest pups ever but it also felt almost like a trial month to kick off 2018. 

Now, to review my goals:

  1. Journal every morning & evening! This is all made possible through my FAVORITE journaling tool – The Five Minute Journal Check!
  2. Drink a gallon of water a day. Check!
  3. Have a date with Jack. MAJOR FAIL. Jack and I did not have one date in January. This is going to be changed ASAP. 
  4. SLOW DOWN & take in every moment! I could have definitely been better. 

Specific to January:

  1. Print & hang up wedding pictures! – Check! 
  2. Complete everything! Do not leave anything unfinished daily. I could have been better.
  3. STOP SNOOZING MY ALARM. Alarm? Who was I kidding? I have two 10 week old puppies. No need for an alarm.

I love that I get a fresh start in February! That’s why I revisit and create new goals for myself. Life changes and so new goals need to be created. Starting off with a trip to Key West! Two of my best friends are getting married & I get a whole weekend away with Jack! So, starting off “having a date with Jack” strong for this month. 

February goals:

  1. Complete everything! Do not leave anything unfinished daily. This is a repeat because I typically am great at this and find myself lately not being so great.
  2. I LIVE for working in a coffee shop. This month, I will work once a week at a coffee shop to get out of the house, be in a new environment, and help me get over my separation anxiety for my little pups (only semi-joking). In addition, I will branch out and try new coffee shops. That could lead to some new connections & the ability to network with amazing people! Charlotte is full of them!  
  3. Be present.

It’s going to be a great month!! 

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February 9, 2018

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