in the details, darling | March 2018 Goals

It is starting to feel and smell like spring in Charlotte and I am so thankful! We definitely do not have harsh winters, so I am not complaining in any way, but this year was exceptionally chilly & am excited for the 70-degree weather to be rolling in. I love being able to sit outside & be productive rather than be on the inside looking out. Thank goodness for the many options of patios Charlotte offers and the cute balcony we have with rocking chairs to really get in my fix. 

I am about two months now into running in the details, darling & let me tell you, I LOVE IT. I love the responsibility, the challenges, the decision making, the design, the implementing of procedures…I firmly believe I was made to do exactly this. February 2018 goes down as one of my most inspired, motivated, and creative months I have had in a long time. That is because I took some risks, I stepped out of my comfort zone, I saw my worth and I believed in myself. There is something to be said about that. 

That leads me into my goals for March but not without recapping February first!

  1. Journal every morning & evening! This is all made possible through my FAVORITE journaling tool – The Five Minute Journal I slacked on this. This will change this month.  
  2. Drink a gallon of water a day. Check!
  3. Have a date with Jack. We actually had a whole date weekend away in the Keys to celebrate our best friends getting married so SUCCESS! 
  4. SLOW DOWN & take in every moment! Some days I rocked this and others I really did poorly. 

Specific to February:

  1. Complete everything! Do not leave anything unfinished daily. This is a repeat because I typically am great at this and find myself lately not being so great. I did pretty well here – I was pretty good here but I also had ideas coming out of every ounce of me, which is cool, but I have to learn how to manage that better.  I leave a notebook next to my bed because that is where I seem to get my best ideas and if I don’t jot them down, I lose them! 
  2. I LIVE for working in a coffee shop. This month, I will work once a week at a coffee shop to get out of the house, be in a new environment, and help me get over my separation anxiety for my little pups (only semi-joking). In addition, I will branch out and try new coffee shops. That could lead to some new connections & the ability to network with amazing people! Charlotte is full of them!  Check!
  3. Be present. Can show improvement without a doubt!

Now for my goals specific to March:

  1. Better balance – with now having in the details, darling, I am finding myself “working” nonstop as I LOVE it and it is my baby but I do need to take some time away from my screen to spend time with my husband, call my grandma, eat (ha!), and just decompress. I have not been good at this AT ALL the past two months so I am challenging myself to do so this month.
  2. Connect with 3 new entrepreneurs in Charlotte via social media or in person. There are so many inspiring people around me that I can learn from, learn with, and make a difference in I just need to make the effort and step outside of my comfort zone.
  3. Have my procedures, processes, etc. in place for my official launch in April. My goal is currently April. I had a soft launch in January but ready to show the world what in the details, darling is made of when everything is in place!

It’s going to be a great month – I can feel it! 


March 1, 2018

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