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Am I the only one shocked it is MAY?! MAY! Wow, I cannot believe it. I am excited it’s here though. May is the month of sunshine, spring turning into summer (even though where has spring been?!) and Jack’s birthday! We have plans to travel to Jacksonville Beach for a little getaway and also traveling back to Michigan for our best friend’s wedding. It’s that time of year! 

in the details, darling could not be better. It is time for me to make decisions on scheduling, better time management tactics, tools that will assist with me feeling like I have more than 24 hours in a day, and really dive into long-term business goals. It’s a pretty amazing time. I fall in love more and more every day with what I do and I am thankful to share it with my special clients. Big things ahead! 

So, May! Watch out. I am coming for you!

Reoccuring Goals Review:

  1. Journal every morning & evening! This is all made possible through my FAVORITE journaling tool – The Five Minute Journal check!
  2. Drink a gallon of water a day. Yes! Love my bkr water bottle + don’t leave home without it.
  3. Have a date with Jack. We did!! Breakfast, coffee + laptop, dinner, and a concert. We killed it this month. However, I may need to change this to be present on our date. We both have a lot going on and catch us drifting into our own thoughts mid conversation sometimes.
  4. SLOW DOWN & take in every moment! Have not accomplished this yet and, even though I am keeping positive, this one will continue to take a lot of work.

Specific to April Goal Review

  1. Better balance. This is for the second month in a row + it is absolutely necessary. There are days that I do not have anything going on in the evenings aka after hours but I can’t stop working. Personally, I do not like to be interrupted when I am in the zone and grooving but I need to make sure that I do take some “me” time to keep me sharp + on my game. I MADE IMPROVEMENTS but including this in May again because why not?!
  2. Send some surprise snail mail. I am a snail mailer lover through + through. Like check the mail a couple times a day. I understand how little sense that makes but I just love it so much. YES! It actually consisted of surprising a three-year-old with a package from her favorite character right now. She was blown away!!
  3. Work from 3 new coffee shops in Charlotte. I have a long list of new places I want to try but then they aren’t walking distance and I just end up going with the “ol’ faithfuls” that are. I made it to two. Almost accomplished! Basal Coffee + HEX. I had been to HEX before but have not actually worked from there so it still counts, right?
  4. I have been digging into Dubsado so really would like to have all my items in place to run fully next month. You know, take some extra time these next few weeks to get everything set up so save a bunch of time in the future. I like it! It is not completely set up but I have been making moves to getting there! June 1st it will be fully good to go!
 Photo by:  Julia Fay Photogray

Photo by: Julia Fay Photogray

May Specific Goals: 

  1. Cook three meals a week. I love being in the kitchen and cookbooks are one thing that truly inspires me. I have been so sucked into my computer screen I have been slacking on home cooked meals. I love carry-out, don’t get me wrong, but a home cooked meal is hard to beat. And I also feel accomplished and inspired by the final product. Win-win I would say! I am not limiting meals to only dinner either. I tend to only eat a few bites throughout the day and then eating a full dinner so MAYBE I should add eat three meals as a goal but baby steps! Bonus: I made dinner last night so already kicking off the month on a high note. I have an UNREAL flank steak recipe (if I do say so myself). Want it? Just let me know!
  2. Unplug for 1 [waking] hour per day. This is put down my computer and phone. Take a walk. Sit out in the sun. Go workout. Meditate. Just something away from a screen + noise! Just be alone with my thoughts.
  3. Blog! I want to share some thoughts and comments on questions I have been receiving a lot of lately! I love to write and can express myself best with written words.
  4. Better balance. Third month in a row! I am seeing improvements but have a world to go. I have found I can give Saturday as a day to myself. I have also found Sunday is my favorite day of the week to get work done. It is quiet and I am able to work through anything I missed that came in on the weekend/get a head start on the week ahead. That sets me up to not really feel Monday blues.

So, while I have you here, is there something you would like me to share about my background, my past, my business, Charlotte, my day-to-day? Just let me know. I am excited to share anything and everything! Also, if we aren’t already connected on Instagram, let’s make it happen – @inthedetailsdarling. 


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