in the details, darling | June 2018 Goals

June, I am happy to see you! To be honest, May was a bit challenging for me. Nothing to complain about by any means, just a bit challenging. I love a good challenge though! 

I cannot believe we are at the halfway point of 2018. Cliché & I know it. I am so excited for June. I have a lot on my to-do list to enhance in the details, darling, along with projects with my clients. I have travel plans that are all family related & I am really excited about that. I will be going to Arizona next week to visit family (+ my sister will be there). Then later this month I will be road tripping back to Michigan for my sister’s baby shower (I couldn’t be more excited to be throwing a part-ay), wine tasting trip, and some r+r on the lake. 

Also, what better way to start off the month than National Donut Day?! To be honest, I celebrate this WAY more than just one day. Doughnuts are one of my favorite parts of life. Dramatic? Maybe. True? 110%. 

Here we go! Goals, goals, goals! 

Reoccuring Goals Review:

  1. Journal every morning & evening! This is all made possible through my FAVORITE journaling tool – The Five Minute Journal Yes! Journaling just really helps with my overall perspective.
  2. Drink a gallon of water a day. I did pretty well, I slacked a few days and man can I feel it. I personally don’t need
  3. Have a date with Jack. We did! It was Jack’s birthday month so we tried 3 new restaurants actually, snuck away to the beach for a week, went to a wedding…success here!
  4. SLOW DOWN & take in every moment! I don’t know if I will ever say I did a good job at this. There are glimpses but would give me a C-.

Specific to May Goal Review:

  1. Cook three meals a week. I love being in the kitchen and cookbooks are one thing that truly inspires me. I have been so sucked into my computer screen I have been slacking on home cooked meals. I love carry-out, don’t get me wrong, but a home cooked meal is hard to beat. And I also feel accomplished and inspired by the final product. Win-win I would say! I am not limiting meals to the only dinner either. I tend to only eat a few bites throughout the day and then eating a full dinner so MAYBE I should add eat three meals as a goal but baby steps! Bonus: I made dinner last night so already kicking off the month on a high note. I have an UNREAL flank steak recipe (if I do say so myself). Want it? Just let me know! FAIL. FAIL. FAIL. ON ALL LEVELS. 🙂
  2. Unplug for 1 [waking] hour per day. This is put down my computer and phone. Take a walk. Sit out in the sun. Go workout. Meditate. Just something away from a screen + noise! Just be alone with my thoughts. I did pretty well at this. So much room for improvement/adjustments to my schedule that can be made to increase this but it’s finding that balance…which is #4.
  3. Blog! I want to share some thoughts and comments on questions I have been receiving a lot of lately! I love to write and can express myself best with written words. Even though posts have not be released, this is a success as they are in progress. Stay tuned!
  4. Better balance. Third month in a row! I am seeing improvements but have a world to go. I have found I can give Saturday as a day to myself. I have also found Sunday is my favorite day of the week to get work done. It is quiet and I am able to work through anything I missed that came in on the weekend/get a head start on the week ahead. That sets me up to not really feel Monday blues. I am still pretty average at this. I was talking to my friend today about this. It is not easy to master when you absolutely love what you do and even if you get through your task list, there is always plenty of things to do BUT, I am working on it!

June Goals:

1. Work smarter + not harder. I am a firm believer in this. Hard, smart work is a deadly combo & I am here to master that in June for not just me, but all my clients. I have already done a bit of brainstorming on this throughout the past two months so it’s about to get wild. 
2. Take some time for me. I deal with extreme FOMO but I am also someone who needs her alone time. Disclaimer: if I am taking some alone time, please don’t tempt me with a fun time because that is just mean & pure torture. 
3. Be present. This is a repeat. I have found myself and my mind going a million miles a minute in many different directions and it’s just not the best. At least not the best for me. I am striving to be ALL IN every conversation, every email, every task, every handshake, every hug…every moment. This is a big one BUT I believe my implementation of block scheduling into my work day will be beneficial. More on that to come, too! 

Do you have any specific goals for June?! Whatever they may be I know you’ll CRUSH them! 


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June 1, 2018

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