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I have spent the month working on scheduling myself better so I can make sure I am at my best every day. I have learned the past few months that, even though I want to be the utmost flexible, it is so important I find a rhythm so I can stick to it for productivity purposes and to ensure no detail is lost along the way.

I took some time to map everything out by noting scenarios where I am at my best and scenarios that feel like pain points or simply not going to help me in the direction I plan to go. I learned a lot about the process + myself so I thought I would share just in case you are trying to make the most out of your days.

Since there is no way to add more time in a day, this is my best chance of feeling that I can! Let’s dive on in!

  1. Utilize the tools out there, and that work for me + my business, to automate repetitive tasks. This is anything to follow-ups, to invoices, to scheduling social media. The special touches can and will still be there but it can cut time in half. I am absolutely in love with the tools I use, too!
  2. Block schedule! This has not been the easiest, as again, I want to be as flexible as possible, but by doing this, I can ensure my energy and focus is dedicated to certain tasks or people at certain times. I do not have Monday at 8 AM I do x and Tuesday at 4 PM I do x because, one aspect I love about what I do, is no two weeks are ever the same. I set a schedule but it does vary every week so I block out my week on the Sunday before after taking time to review my calendar + weekly priorities.
  3. Set hours or specific days when you will take calls and/or meetings. This is a huge one for me. Having uninterrupted time in my inbox and working through projects is EVERYTHING. I have set up a calendar that I send out in case I do need to schedule calls or meetings so my availability is all noted on there to keep consistent. I love working from coffee shops so if I have meetings I will try to set up shop at one for a day to keep the moving around to a minimum.
  4. Say no, do not over schedule myself. I am 100% guilty of this. Since I love what I do + in control of my own time, I was stretching myself way too thin. I wasn’t myself + I was burning myself out. I had to reevaluate.

I also want to share an example of how I look to plan out my weeks. Again, it varies weekly, but there are consistent items to be worked on. I am always trying to work one day ahead just in case emergencies or urgent items are needed, I want to be available. This not only allows me to execute client work but also work on in the details, darling

Prepare for the week in general – review my calendar, grocery shop, [try to] cook dinner, do laundry, social media scheduling, review to-do lists, and send any emails needed to kick off the week so when Monday morning rolls around I can hit the ground running. This is also when I revisit + schedule my week. 

Client work is done everyday. This is the first thing I take a look at and also the last thing. I also then ensure there is one day each week that has time dedicated to blog content creation, continuing education, accounting, review of my systems, processes + documents, and just making future plans. 

I try to make this day for me + Jack along with anything we want to do together. We both have pretty full weeks + sometimes that doesn’t include anything social or much time to spend together so I dedicate this day to him. 

I also try my best to make time for myself every day. I have never been someone to break for lunch on a workday – I actually like the working while lunching multi-tasking but looking at a screen for all hours of the day can take a toll. I am officially trying to take 30-45 minutes in the afternoon to take a step away + recharge my batteries. It may be making a lunch, prep dinner, walk the pups, etc. Just a little something to let my brain rest for a little bit. I am not great at this but I am trying! 

What about you? How do you schedule yourself for productivity? 

P.S. Did you catch that I referred to some of my favorite tools? I will be sharing the ones I could not live without in a couple of weeks! 


July 31, 2018

the art of scheduling myself

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  1. Tamara says:

    A couple months ago I started blocking ‘office days’ and ‘client/studio days’ and it’s been super helpful. I’m in the process of some re-evaluation of my schedule and searching for systems to implement and help me stay organized. And I have this really awesome VA named Jenna; she’s a Godsend!! 😘