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As an entrepreneur, you’re only as good as the quality of your productivity level, right?  Every move I make is strategic so I can ensure my days are as efficient as possible. This would not be possible without six tools + one talented gal. 

This is probably my favorite tool. Before I used Dubsado I was using, what felt like, a million different tools that are all now combined in one. Talk about improving efficiency. My favorite capabilities of this tool? Time tracking, lead capture, invoicing, customizable forms, sending/signing of agreements, automation/workflows…I could go on and on.  They are also constantly adding new features [a scheduler is coming soon 🙌🏼] + their customer service is second to none. There is not a day that I am not using this tool or finding a new way to utilize their features better for my efficiency. 

This is my preferred project management tool. It is easy + simple to use at a very basic level but also has the capabilities to be used at a very high level. You get out what you put in but at the very basic level, it is a simple way to assign tasks, keep conversations about tasks in one place, and work through a checklist seamlessly. I suggest this tool for others to use because of that. I am able to monitor all my client’s accounts in one which helps with keeping my tabs open to a minimum. Also, it has an app! 

This may be obvious but email is a crucial part of my everyday. G-Suite all the way for me! My email + domain is registered here, I utilize google drive + google photos, google calendar…I am a G-Suite junky. G-Suite is suitable for when I start building a team, too, so I like that it can grow with me as I grow. 

Social media can be overwhelming, right? We can get wrapped up in showing up consistently, following the algorithm trends, engaging, and expressing relevant. I read + learn as much as I can but my strategy, when it comes to my social media, is to be authentically myself. Insert Planoly [an Instagram scheduler]. I use Planoly to upload images, add content, schedule content, and simply ensure my grid is visually appealing/on brand. I try to schedule in advance to express my messages without spending a bulk of my everyday on it. 
The safety + security  of passwords/information that is being shared is of the utmost importance to me. I keep my passwords stored + share them through LastPass. If someone does not have a specific way they do this, I always suggest using LastPass. It is a great, free way to keep passwords organized + share them in a secure fashion! 

Design Tools: Pages + Canva
I combined these in two! I love both for design work. I use pages to create my custom proposals, package documents, welcome documents, and a lot of documents to enhance a client experience visually. I love that it is simple to use + that I am able to add basic design elements to it. I use Canva a lot for Dubsado. The forms are customizable + I create those design elements in Canva. I love that I can set my brand colors, fonts, upload fonts, and organize templates in folders. I also use it for Instagram stories from time to time, too. 

Julia Fay Photography
Where do I start? Honestly, she deserves her own post, which is on my list to come, because that’s how much I value her + her talents. Julia is a photographer [Julia Fay Photography] with a strong focus on capturing brands + partner in a brand strategist company [Toth + Fay]. To put it simply, she helps capture the heart of your brand. I have never seen someone do it quite like her. Her energy brings out the authenticity in your brand + her talents capture you in your best light [literally + figuratively].  She brings invaluable material to you + your business to ensure you are keeping your brand consistent, specifically with images, through social media, marketing materials, your website, etc. 📸

These are my personal favorites + what help me in my everyday. Have some suggestions for me? I am always looking for new ideas so just let me know. 

A little peek into a client onboarding process: If there are ways for you to work smarter + not harder, I will always make suggestions for tools to use. Some of those tools may be above but there are others as there are different tools for different types of people. One thing is for sure, I practice what I preach, so I also want to ensure that every minute of your precious time is utilized fully. 

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August 29, 2018

my seven everyday must-haves

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