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I am so excited November is here! Tis the season for all reasons to make your heart happy! I am full on holiday mode [I combine Thanksgiving + Christmas into one season] + nothing makes me happier! It’s my absolute favorite time of year + love the direction in the details, darling is headed to close out this year/go into 2019! So many beautiful updates/touches coming in December + January that I am just getting so excited to share! But for now, living in the now!

This month feels like it’s going to be over before it even starts so my SLOW DOWN goal is more relevant than ever! I head to Asheville this weekend for a girls glamping trip, then headed to Creative @ Heart conference the following weekend for four days, then headed to Michigan for my niece’s Baptism, all before hosting Thanksgiving! I have been cooking Thanksgiving for me + Jack for 6 years now so we look forward to it every year! The menu is amazing [if I do say so myself] + love keeping the holiday low key. We have an open door policy so numbers vary every year but, this year, as of now, it looks like it may just be us which we don’t mind, especially with how this year has felt a bit like a whirlwind, a little quality time sounds amazing!

I’ll be honest, when I look at this calendar I get a little overwhelmed. I over scheduled one week in October + it ended up hurting my spirits/work for more than a week. That’s saying it very lightly though. I am my harshest critic + if I am not at my best, sometimes I get down/am really hard on myself + get a little blinded to actually looking/making changes. I sometimes need to shake myself and tell myself that, “I have control of these scenarios”. I am very much aware of this + recognize it but need to be better at putting it into action! For example, I am at my best when working from home, cozy. So, weekly, I schedule myself at least one day I don’t have to leave home! It’s always my most productive days. It is very hard to put myself first, I struggle with it everyday. Feeling as if maybe I am selfish but need to get out of my own head since when I am at my best, I can better serve others!

Ok! Let’s get to it! Let’s talk goals!

Reoccurring Goals Review:

  1. Journal every morning & evening! This is all made possible through my FAVORITE journaling tool – The Five Minute Journal  ✓
  2. Drink a gallon of water a day. ✓
  3. Have a date with Jack. Yes! We snuck two in one week, how awesome is that?! Sans phones, just conversation! We even saw two movies. I still cry listening to the A Star is Born soundtrack…SO good!
  4. SLOW DOWN & take in every moment! I did a great job of this in October minus the week I referred to above!

October Goal Recap:
My focus on the word “elevate” was a great one for me – it was in the front of my mind with every move + decision made. I am proud + excited to say I headed in the right direction of where I want to be in the future. There are a few last “to-dos”, t’s to cross, + i’s to dot in the next few weeks but, all around, I am thankful I have the opportunity to do what I love all while working with amazing entrepreneurs making a difference! It’s an absolute dream.

November Goals:
In honor of this month of gratefulness + gratitude, I am keeping three simple goals all along this theme.

  1. Everyday make some smile. My dad asks this everyday, “how did you make someone smile today?” – so I am going to keep an eye on that literally.
  2. Pay it forward weekly!
  3. If I feel it, say it – share/express gratitude to those I encounter. Sometimes I am feeling it, but don’t always share it but everyone likes to feel appreciated right?

Just so you know, I appreciate you being here!! November is going to be a great one! I hope you have a great month + start to this very special time of year!

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November 1, 2018

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