I spent December really focused on being present. Enjoying the magical season. Being with family. Just simply being. It was some of the most content + present I have felt all year. Throughout that time, I stayed away from my computer, off my email, and limited social media. I unplugged.

It was kind of crazy, as soon as I did, my mind was overflowing with inspiration + ideas. I simply needed to get away from being behind a screen. I carried around a notebook with me to jot down my ideas that so many were coming. It felt nice to feel this way. Inspired + not tired.

Throughout this time I was visualizing 2019, brainstorming on what I want it to be, what areas I want to focus on, what words would be a point of emphasis in my day to day. The common theme was balance. Making sure I am taking care of myself, doing what is best for my family, what is best for my clients.

These still remain in the forefront of my mind but reality hit + we {my family + I) received a heartbreaking reminder of how important it is to be fully present every single moment of every single day. How precious + fragile every moment…how life is. My cousin, Mike, passed away from cancer early yesterday morning. He was diagnosed just three short weeks ago. He was so young + left behind his wife of 27 years, two children, his parents, and siblings. He was a really good man. A really good man taken way too soon.

The heartbreaking reminder comes to looking back on moments I maybe took for granted. The times I felt maybe that email was too important to look up from my computer to greet my husband when he gets home. The nights I have so much to do (or at least I feel) where I am not in the kitchen cooking up a delicious meal to share with my family (one of my absolute favorite things) and we settle for takeout where we may sit next to each other + eat but not fully engage. The moments where I decide not to eat lunch or get much needed rest because I over scheduled myself. Missing moments simply because my mind is elsewhere and is not present. Life is too short, life is too precious, life is just too fragile to hear but not listen, to send the email instead of looking up to greet your person, to not take care of yourself. I am taking this heartbreaking situation to live purposeful. No excuses. To continue to make a difference but always take care of myself. To give myself grace. To express everything in the moment I am feeling it. To love immensely.

So, my word + my focus for 2019 is FAMILY. Everything I do this year will (at least try) to ensure it is leaving me the best version of myself to my family. To make sure it is beneficial for my little family. I consider my clients a form of family so they are included in this, too, of course.

I am still working on my focuses this month. They may or may not happen. I am giving myself grace. I had some in place but at this moment, but need to take some time to review. I will share those with you when the time comes.

Wishing you a beautiful, healthy, + happy 2019. I am thankful for each and every one of you.

P.S. Whether you’re someone of faith or good vibes, my sweet family could use all the prayers as possible right now. I really appreciate it.

the details

January 2, 2019

welcome 2019 ❤︎