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Did January fly by or did January fly by? It was an overall good month over here after a trying start. I spent time enjoying being back in the Queen City after being away for the holidays + that is always my favorite. Like I am being reacquainted.

I also did a little traveling – Virginia for an in-person working session with Emily of Emily in Love, back to Michigan for a quick night (+ just in time for a snow storm), + back to Virginia for Travel Pro Theory’s first workcation. It was nice to be in the same room as some of my clients. I LOVE the virtual working relationship but being in the same room helps with overall productivity + connection. A great way to kick off the year!

A couple months ago I shared about starting a brand refresh process with Kelsea of Kindly by Kelsea. We are getting so close + I am so excited to share (sneak peek of the inspiration below). Through this process, I have been able to really dig deep. Explore what I want to give to the creative world + what the creative world could use from me. There has been a lot of clarity throughout January. It was almost like all the masterminding I was trying to do in December came to fruition. I needed to be in the right head space, talk to the right people, reflect, + soul search. In the next few months I will be updating my offerings a bit so I can better serve creatives + also serve more. I am currently booked out for clients (yay) BUT I am trying to find additional ways to help others.



Last month, with the tragic loss of my cousin, I was not in the right headspace to fully commit to my goals. I typically create reoccurring goals + new monthly goals. This has been great for me because it allows me to be flexible + make goals attainable for each month. So, without further ado, my 2019 reoccurring goals + goals specific to February are here!

Reoccurring Goals:
Cook dinner, at least, 4 times a week + sit down with Jack to eat together. Schedules get crazy + we live walking distance from amazing places so it’s easy just to give into eating out BUT there is nothing like a home cooked meal + nothing like sharing that with Jack after a workday. I also LOVE to cook so a little creative outlet for me.
Slow down, don’t hold back, + take care of myself. When I slow down + have time with my thoughts + my people magical things happen. I am going to focus on when I think of someone, I call them. When my eyes are crossing, I am going to close my computer + take a walk. When my heart is missing someone, go for a visit. That’s just the jist!

February Goals:
Finish reading Present Over Perfect – I started this in November + love it but just need to dedicate time to enjoy the rest.
Take one day a week to work “on my business” because I want to have my new offerings organized + ready to fully share so I can start assisting more people!
Work through toth + fay Academy (more on that below)! With my branding refresh design wise, this is exactly what I need to elevate in all aspects!

On another note, I need to share some people I am exceptionally proud of right now!

Julia + Meg of toth + fay Academy. They created this course to help others find their brand voice + direction. I am working through it right now + it’s a DREAM. They put their heart + souls into it + so proud of what they have accomplished. The content provides so much value…it’s going to be a game changer in my business. I will share my take on it once I finish it!
Emily (I talked about her a little above) but will be starting to accept applications for her new venture, Outsourcing With Love . It’s a resource for people like me, to find dream clients. And a resource for creatives to build their team with confidence. Applications officially open Thursday, February 14th so stay tuned + let me know if you need anymore information!
Heather (of Heather Christopher Travel) + Kate (of North & Leisure) teamed up together to create Travel Pro Theory – a resource + podcast for travel professionals. it has been a dream of theirs to host a workcation (a weekend when you can be in the same room as other like-minded professionals to work through a variety of aspects of your business + focus on community over competition). Well, they hosted their first [unofficial] one last month at It was an absolute success. They have one upcoming in July + it’s going to be amazing!

February is going to be great!! Wishing you the best month! Here for you if you need anything!

P.S. One of these offerings is mentoring aspiring virtual assistants. If that may be you, feel free to reach out! I would love to help you enter this beautiful world.

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