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My goal is to bring more time, peace, + structure into the business owners I serve. One of those ways is through taking tasks off their to-do list but another is through CRM set-ups + implementation. I mainly focus on Dubsado + TravelJoy, I personally use Dubsado + would like to share with you what is has done for my business!

I officially introduced Dubsado into my business almost a year ago + I do not know what I would do without it. I describe it as having an extra set of hands, almost to an employee level, to help within my business. From the day I signed up in April to today, the tool has changed in so many ways. All, in my opinion, for the positive. Their team is constantly rolling out new + improved updates to better serve business owners utilizing it which, in turn, allows us to better serve our clients.

I openly talk about how much Dubsado has helped me grow my business + often get asked a variety of questions about it. So, today, I want to answer the top 5 questions I consistently receive so it can help you get a better understanding on how I use it in my business. My answers to these questions can easily show how much Dubsado has impacted my business, too!

  1. What’s your favorite feature? Well, this is, by far, the toughest question to answer because there are just so many! The amount of features that is under one umbrella is probably my favorite. I was once toggling between a time tracker, manually creating invoices, keeping addresses in my notes, going into my inbox, + manually sending calendar invites. Not with Dubsado. Now, my emails, calendar, time management, invoicing, payment collecting, proposals, lead captures, contracts, scheduler, + brand forms all live in Dubsado. There is no toggling between tabs, it’s all in one place. My days are spent more in this than any other tool. This gives me back time in my business + allows me to serve others better.
  2. How is the customer service? Second to none! They are so responsive in their customer support chat box on their site but also active in their Facebook group. You can tell that serving their clients well is a top priority for them. Have you ever been in a situation where you’re in a rhythm but run into a snag in a tool you’re using + have to chat support? It can take hours, sometimes days, for them to get back to you. Consider that rhythm lost, right? That does not happen with Dubsado. They are prompt + attentive in their chat support. The support + knowledge in the Facebook group not only generates new ideas, but inspires other Dubsado users.
  3. I have never used a CRM before – is it overwhelming? With as much as Dubsado offers, I believe they present it in a non-overwhelming way. You would easily get your money’s worth by just starting simple like using their lead capture form, send contracts (with their handy e-sign capabilities), invoicing, + time tracking. From there, once you get more comfortable + gain confidence, you can add more + more for the tool to handle for you. The Dubsado team has consistent webinars to share their features so tuning into those can be beneficial, too, as you are getting started!
  4. Automation sounds attractive but I want my client experience to be personal – can I still do this in Dubsado? Absolutely! This is important to me, too! Form customization, smart fields, adding tasks to add customization to an email within a workflow, + the utilization of your client portal(s) are just a few examples of how to keep personal touches through your client experience in Dubsado. If anything, setting up the structure (with canned emails + workflows) within this tool only enhances your client experience + keeps your brand voice consistent.
  5. I am interested in learning more but want to talk about how I could utilize Dubsado in my business, can you help? I absolutely can! We can set-up a call to chat all things Dubsado. Email me at for more details. The Dubsado team also offers complimentary services to assist you so that may be worth checking out, too!

5.5. A really big bonus is that the Dubsado team wants to make sure your profile is on brand to you! You can add your logo, add your brand colors, there are a variety of fonts to select from, + white labeling capabilities. They help small business owners like you + me look good, which I appreciate!

If you’re ready to sign-up + make your business more efficient, you can use my link +/or code [inthedetailsdarling] to get 20% off your first month! If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them! Leave a comment or email me at


February 28, 2019

5.5 ways dubsado has changed my business

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