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I feel like I say this every month but how is it already March?! February was such a good month for me! It was jam packed + quick but it was so, so good!

My biggest takeaway was spending a week in Charleston at the KM Intensive with Kat Schmoyer + Megan Martin (our hosts) + six other small business owners ready to take the next steps in their businesses. It was highly tailored + targeted to us/our goals. It was EVERYTHING I needed! The mix of teaching, learning, engaging, implementing…it was just so perfect. It really gave me a better plan for what’s to come in the next few months with my updates. They just opened round 3 + if you’re looking to hone in on an area of your business, thrive in an intimate environment, + learn how to take your business to the next level, I highly suggest applying! If you want to hear more about my experience, please let me know! But be prepared, I could go on + on + on!

Which leads me to, I HIRED the beyond talented Abigail Dyer of Abigail Dyer Design Studio to build me a new website on ShowIt! This has been on my list since November. Yes, that long! I have worked in the platform before + was going to build it myself but guess what?! I am practicing what I preach. I don’t have the time + want to trust an expert to build me an inviting home for my people. We officially get started in April so you know some of my goals will be around preparing for that this month!

So, let’s talk goals!

Reoccurring Goals:
Cook dinner, at least, 4 times a week + sit down with Jack to eat together. The first three weeks of the month I was solid with this! I found a weekend routine which helped with dinner preps to make my life easier during the week. Let’s just say, this past week, I have not been the best! But I am looking to improve next month!
Slow down, don’t hold back, + take care of myself. The first two weeks of February I felt so great about this. I think I did a great job. It’s currently 11:16 PM on Wednesday night so do I need to say more on how I feel I did towards the end of the month? It’s ok! I will be better!

February Goals Review:
Finish reading Present Over Perfect – Major fail! Whoops! I did not set enough time aside for personal stuff. And, no, accidentally falling asleep on the couch with my computer does not count as setting time aside for myself!
Take one day a week to work “on my business” – I am so proud to say that I took ONE WEEK! Attending the KM Intensive was exactly what I needed + so proud I took the time for myself. Run, don’t walk, to apply to their round 3 that went live this week!
Work through toth + fay Academy – Slowly but surely! This is going to play a big part of my March goals, too. This course is walking me through exactly what I need right now – preparing for my new website!

March Goals:
Finish toth + fay Academy – this is going to really help me as I completely revamp my copy in preparation for my elevated website. How many times can I say elevated in one post? It’s probably my most overused word, huh? Well, I love it! And thanks for loving it with me!
Take a daily midday break to go for a walk, get fresh air, reset! No further explanation needed!
Finish my updated email sequences! This was a main area we worked on at the KM intensive. I focused on one of my offerings but want to implement what I learned in two other areas of my business so, ultimately, I am looking to complete three email sequences in March!

I know I I have been talking about the elevating I am working on since October so its been a while now BUT I will officially be sharing all updates in June. A re-launch if you will! Stick with me because it’s just going to be so good! I have been thinking about sharing the steps that I have been going through. Would you care to see? Let me know if you would have interest!

Anyway, have a great month! If you want to share your goals, I would love to hear them!

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March 1, 2019

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