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May is here + it sure is feeling like it in Charlotte! It’s supposed to feel like 90 today + it’s time to breakout the short overalls…which are practically my summer uniform!

This upcoming month brings a lot of exciting things! I am wrapping up an Asana set-up, a TravelJoy + Asana set-up, offering Pinterest management to a limited amount of clients, + getting closer to the completion of my rebrand! It’s exciting stuff.

In addition to that, it’s Jack’s 30th birthday on the 12th, I am going to Michigan to be my cousin’s confirmation sponsor, taking a trip to New Orleans, + taking precious time with my first HIRE! Yes, in the details, darling is no longer a one person team! I am excited to introduce you to her in the upcoming weeks!

So, with that being said, I would love to start by recapping my April goals + see how I did:

  1. Complete training on Pinterest. I officially did this! I am now offering Pinterest Management to a limited amount of current clients before rolling it out to anyone! It’s given me true excitement + life. I am so excited to see how the strategy will translate into more website traffic, growing email lists, + more bookings!

  2. Give some extra love to my clients! I was very intentional with this! I am not going to speak for them but I definitely had this in the focus of each day in April.

  3. Give myself grace! Let’s just say, this is the first month in a LONG time I slept. I only had two SUPER late nights/early mornings. I worked out, I cooked dinner, I grocery shopped, I did not get anxious leaving my inbox for an hour…I was able to breath, rest, + take care of myself. That, in turn, assisted me with serving my clients better!

Now, let’s jump into May!

  1. Read out of an actual book for at least 1 hour per day. I am finding that I am consuming a lot of the same things because they are directly in front of me. I am searching for them. Or, maybe, I just simply value what they have to say. There is NOTHING wrong with that but in order for me to stay sharp, I think having a variety of perspectives is important. Insert books. I have a stack on my desk I have been meaning to get to so there is no time like the present. Especially since I have a flew plane rides on the schedule for this month.

  2. Stick to my “office hours”! My office hours are 9:00 AM-4:00 PM Monday-Thursday. My goal is to really stick to those this month. I think if I do, I will end up being more productive! I am not great at this so wish me luck!

  3. Show up in mailboxes. Not inboxes, mailboxes! Catch up on my letter writing + send some surprise snail mail!

What’s one thing you’re excited to accomplish this month?! I cannot wait to hear!

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May 1, 2019

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