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Are you joining me in saying, how in the world is it already JUNE?! How are we almost 1/2 of the year done?!

May was a fun + full month! I snuck away for a week away from my computer (for the most part) for a little family time + trip to celebrate Jack’s 30th birthday in New Orleans. It is NOT easy to do that. I feel like my inbox anxiety takes a couple days to get over (+ by the time I do, I am back working) but it is SO worth it. My week being “off” was jam packed. Five flights + three cities in 5 days but I have never been so inspired. I carried a notebook with me so I could make sure to jot things coming to mind. What kind of ideas? How to improve my offerings, my packages, my client experience was the main topic. Then there were ideas for Instagram captions, blog post content, random ideas for my clients, etc. It was because I took a step back. I stopped consuming in my usual places. I sat in quiet, listened to podcasts, let my mind wander…it was exactly what I needed to get my creative juices flowing. Taking a step back is one of the most beneficial things you can do in your business, in my opinion! It is also one of the hardest.

I also cannot get over how fast time seems to be going lately. That makes it all that more important to maximize the time in our day don’t you think? Sometimes I exhaust myself with trying to make sure everything I do (literally everything) is the utmost efficient. I live in an apartment building so I have to walk downstairs to grab my mail. I will open all my mail (if I can) while on my walk back so by the time I am back to my apartment, I file accordingly + go about my day. That sounds so crazy when I actually type it out. There needs to be a balance of slowing down + efficiency don’t you think? You can’t slow down if you aren’t efficient though, right? There are still things that need to get done. I am trying to find that balance (like rushing does not mean efficient) but for now I am finding it by working + living as efficiently as possible! No wonder I am a lover of all things systems + processes related!

Rebrand updates! Yay! I am wrapped up with branding + copy! I will go into more details about those processes as I prepare for my re-launch but outsourcing my copy was just the best decision I could have made! I KNEW I couldn’t do my branding, design wise, so that was a no-brainer. But, I can write, right? WRONG! I can, of course, write. I do it every single day. But writing strategically + using words to represent me + my brand is where a professional needs to help. They take it to a whole new level. Jess of Jess XO did just that, too! What’s the point of having a brand you are visually proud of but your words just fall flat? For me, it didn’t make much sense + when I realized that was the direction I was headed I adjusted my plan. I am so thankful for what Jess is now bringing to my brand + cannot wait to share more details + takeaways of that process as we get closer to my rebrand being completed. It should only be a few more weeks because my website redesign officially kicks off this week!

Let’s get to it, shall we? May goals recap + June goals below:


  1. Read out of an actual book for at least 1 hour per day. I did ok with this! I am in the middle of two books (why do I do this to myself) so I am going to work to complete them this month (sneak peek into a June goal)! The books I am reading are Giftology + Design Your Day.

  1. Stick to my “office hours”! I realized a few days into May this was not a great month to set this goal because I was going to be out of office for a week! So, when I could I did, but I did have to add a week’s worth of work into two in order to prepare for my little vacation so I failed miserably that week!

  2. Show up in mailboxes. Check! I am proud to say I did + even prouder that I have a plan for June to continue this!


  1. Finish Giftology + Design Your Day! Giftology is all about the art of gift giving (a love language of mine) + Design Your Day is have to be intentional about living purposeful. So far, I am loving them, but will share more of my thoughts when I complete them! I would also love to have a few other books in queue for when I wrap these up. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

  2. Stick to my “office hours” take two! I will test my efficiency, systems, + productivity this month with taking another try at sticking to my office hours. Want to join me? I would love for you to hold me accountable + I will do the same for you!

  3. Go on a walk every day! I am trying to get back into a consistent workout routine. I used to take a workout class 6 days a week but my gym closed…that I loved SO much…+ haven’t found a good option yet. But, I can easily workout by myself so, if anything, this month I want to make sure I go on a walk every single day. If I do more, that is a bonus! This benefits myself + my little puppies who will tag along.

That’s all for me! Summer is almost here + hope you have the best plans to create sweet memories with your loved ones! I would love to hear your goals if you’re willing to share them, too! See you in July!

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June 2, 2019

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