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Happy Summer! I hope you’re having a beautiful start to this new season + had a great month of June.

This time of year, specifically the 1st week of July, is always one of my favorites. I am a girl that LOVES traditions + this week is full of them.

I am headed to my family’s cottage on Houghton Lake to celebrate Independence Day! My cottage holds such a special place in my heart + it is an important place for my family in general. No matter where we are or where life takes us, we all end up back at Houghton Lake to celebrate this time of year. It’s my favorite place to slow down, think, + enjoy the simpler things of life (like one general store that sells everything from candy cigarettes to VHS rentals…yes, I know). We also have three birthdays in three days so there is no shortage of celebrating! Can you tell I am excited?!

So, let’s get to it! My June goals recap + July goals are below:


  1. Finish Giftology + Design Your Day! I actually read Giftology TWICE. So I did read two books, technically, but I still need to complete Design Your Day. Giftology was hitting “home” to me in so many ways that I just had to dive back in as soon as I finished (with a highlighter in hand). Gifting is an important part of my business + life. It is one way I express myself + really meaningful to me. This book allowed me to gain a new perspective + think in different ways. I loved it so much! If you’re like me + like gifting or trying to step up your gifting game, I highly recommend this [easy] read.

  2. Stick to my “office hours” take two! I did a lot better this month than last month (hence the take two) but still did not fully accomplished this. I am getting there, though! I am proud that I did have two Fridays that I completely dedicated to my business + that was so needed. I am still working to find the balance to have client work complete by Thursdays of every week so I can do that but definitely making progress! My clients have been so supportive of this + I am so thankful for them/that.

  3. Go on a walk every day! All but one day of the whole month of June! I am pretty proud of that! Sometimes it was REALLY hard to step away from my computer but it felt so good when I did + came back reenergized. Accomplishing this goal, for the most part that is, really made a difference in my overall productivity + mood.


  1. Stop playing the comparison game…stay in my own lane! I do not need to say much here. It’s not easy especially in the world of social media but I sure am going to try. There are some days that I am rocking confidence + others where I question everything so I am going to intentionally work on this in July.

  2. Build out my content calendar for the next 3 months. Ideally the rest of the year but I may be overachieving there. I am prepping for my rebrand launch + what I have been working on behind the scenes I want to ensure is shared clearly on all digital platforms so I am creating an intentional plan for content, preparing to push to social (Instagram, Facebook, + Pinterest), composing blog posts, + finalizing my email marketing strategy.

  3. Drink a gallon of water a day! This was a regular occurrence the past few years and I have so much energy when I do this so I am making a priority to get back on track.

That’s all from me! I hope you have the best month + accomplish all your dreaming up for July! If you’re willing to share, I would love to hear about your July goals + cheer you on!

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June 28, 2019

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