jenna daykin in the details, darling va and systems strategist for travel professionals tips for client gifting
jenna daykin in the details, darling va and systems strategist for travel professionals tips for client gifting

One of my favorite business topics is the client gifting aspect of the overall client experience. This element of the client experience is all about surprising + delighting as it’s not a required or shared step – just a way to enhance your client’s overall experience. A gesture to simply show how much you appreciate them + their support. 

1. Budget for gifting! Depending on if you gift after every project, once a year, etc. make sure it’s apart of your budget. That means it’s also apart of how you price your services.

2. Determine when you plan to gift.
To really stand out, to really surprise + delight, gift at times when clients do not expect it. A lot of people receive gifts during the holiday season. This is certainly a popular time + so if you don’t want your thoughtful gift to be lost in the shuffle, maybe select a different time that is meaningful to you to gift. For example, Maybe your clients are mothers + an emphasis of your brand is helping mothers find a balance between entrepreneurship + motherhood, mother’s day may be a good time to gift. If you still want to acknowledge the holiday season send a card or coffee gift card to give them a caffeine fix for their holiday prep.

3. Stay on-brand without making it all about your brand. The best gifts are about those receiving, not those giving! Of course, you want to ensure it’s on-brand to you but something they will want to use. It doesn’t need to have your physical branding all over it in order for them to think of you while enjoying it. For example, if I want my clients to associate feeling cozy + relaxed with the services I provide them, I can send fuzzy socks + a comforting smelling candle. Some ways to add your branding into the package can be through a branded notecard, branded tape, the color of packing, etc. 

4. Add personal touches. A great way to do this is by adding a handwritten note. In addition, for example, if an emphasis of yours is to provide freedom for your clients to spend more time with family, consider gifting something that the whole family can enjoy together. 

5. Determine who you will support with the gifts you will purchase. The greatest way to show support for small businesses like your own is to shop small. A personal goal of mine is to also shop local as much as possible, too. A few of my favorite small businesses currently for gifts are Farmer & BelleRosalynne LoveElisabeth Rose, + Known Kreativ

6. Consider how you want your clients to feel when they open + use your gift. Presentation is a great way to make a first impression while gifting. This is done with small touches like a branded return address stamp, stickers, + address labels. Other areas to think about: do you need tissue paper or are you more of a crinkle paper person? Is it fragile? Do you want ribbon? How do you want them to feel when they open it? What do you want them to see first when they open it? Do you want the box to smell of cinnamon (hint: cinnamon sticks)? Do you need to print labels?

7. Document it! This is an exciting part of your client experience – you want to remember it! Take images, share on social media, jot down notes + feedback, etc. This way you can revisit every year to see your progress. 

I would love to hear how you implement these tips into your client experience! Happy gifting!

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October 1, 2019

7 tips for memorable client gifting

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