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This is a post that I am exceptionally thrilled to be writing!

My brand refresh is complete + officially HERE! This process started about a year ago so it’s a long time coming but certainly a process that was not to be rushed.

So, why a brand refresh?

As I was growing in my business, I was outgrowing my DIY everything – branding, website, copy, + images. It served its purpose + will always have a special place in my heart but it was time to elevate to match how I was + am feeling in my business + the types of experiences I am providing.

I could not do it myself + I had my absolute dream team behind it all! It would not have been possible without them. I am almost at a loss for words. Almost! So join me as I celebrate them + their talents today.

Kindly by Kelsea
Kelsea was the first person I contacted when I could feel a brand refresh was needed + she fully agreed. She was one of the first entrepreneurs I ever connected with when starting in the details, darling + so thankful I had the opportunity to work with her on this. It made it even more meaningful.

On our first call, she instantly brought value because she led the call + told me her vision for where I was + where I needed to be. She could not have been more right either. She communicated exactly what I had been feeling. Throughout the process, I may have frustrated her with my hands-off approach but I fully trusted her. And she delivered.

Highlight: Without a doubt, the HAND DRAWN icons she designed. Every single icon has a meaning to me – my heart, my life, my brand, my why. That in itself shows the type of care + detail Kelsea designs with. They mean so much. She completely outdid herself. You will find them on my about page + used as the blog categories on the left but I cannot help but share them below, too!

in the details, darling brand icons designed by kelsea of kindly by kelsea

Jess, XO
I came to Jess overwhelmed. I had already hired for the branding, website, + images/video of my brand refresh but it was up to me to complete the copy. The copy to match my elevated brand. Now, I LOVE to write + communicate through writing but the thought of this overwhelmed me. There’s strategy behind copy that I certainly am not even close to an expert on. Not only that, I had a full workload + writing my copy kept getting pushed to the back. Why would I not invest in my copy when I am investing in all other elements? Why would I not practice what I preach and outsource to an expert so I can focus on my strengths? Those are the exact thoughts that were going through my head when I made my way into Jess’ inbox.

A professional can pull the messaging out of you that you didn’t even know existed. Jess was exactly what I needed. Who I needed. She was able to pull my feelings from me + put them to words. Actually, she was able to pull words from my emotions or just simple hand gestures on video chats. ACTUALLY, I think she is a mind reader. She knew exactly what I wanted to say when I couldn’t come up with it. She put my heart + purpose into words.

Highlight: This is so hard to name one but I must go with the way Jess put my core values into words! I read them + have teared up more than once. She fully captures my heart + why in these. You can check them out on my about page under “other things i don’t take lightly“.

Abigail Dyer Design Studio
Where to begin? I came to Abigail because I was lacking in confidence. I wanted a more welcoming “home” for my current, potential, + future clients. Home being my website. Before we even started, she exceeded my expectations. We did not even have our first call + she was emailing me ideas because she paid attention to me + my brand. She was going out of her way to send ME ideas for MY website before our project even started. That is a difference-maker. THAT is what sets you apart.

She, too, had a reason for every single design element she added to my site. She would send me 20-minute Loom videos to go in-depth in these details. Details is in my business name so you know I am all for it + mean so much to me.

She was able to take the vision in my head + the feelings I shared with her that I wanted website visitors to feel + turn it into a design. How talented is she?! When I shared my completed website with my best friend she said, “It’s perfect! The best combo breakdown of what you do and who you are” and I could not agree more!

She has given me the confidence to share my website. To share my digital home with the world + that is invaluable.

Highlight: I need to touch on a few things! First, she put frames around the pictures because that’s what I do on Instagram. I did not request this, she just noticed! Next, she made a custom arrow for me that is for clicking throughout the site that I LOVE. Also, the contact page – she used my submark on my contact forms because snail mail! Finally, she was the visionary for “the details that fill up my heart” on my about page + this is what she suggested before we even started – it’s a fun way to get to know me!

Julia Fay Photography
This process would not have been what it was without Julia. If you’ve been around here for a while, you probably have heard me talk about Julia but allow me to rave about her a little more. First + foremost, she was my sounding board. The person I would ask for opinions on + the person I would talk through my thoughts with. Not only has she been a pivotal part of this process from a friend perspective, but she’s also behind the images + video throughout the site (+ on social media)! She’s unbelievably talented. She captures me, my heart, + my why through images + video so beautifully – it always leaves me in awe. That is not easy! Through capturing this, she allows me to show who I am + what I do even better. The quote “a picture is worth a thousand words” is exactly what comes to mind when I think of her work.

Highlight: Of all the things, I will forever hold the video Julia took for me near + dear to my heart. You will see clips scattered throughout the site but if you want to see it entirely, check it out below:

I am beyond grateful for these four talented women. They go above + beyond in all that they do + I felt taken care of, valued, + confident throughout the whole process. Thank you for sharing in my brand refresh celebration! If you are in need of any of the services I mentioned above, I couldn’t recommend these four ladies enough. Thankful to have you here!

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the details

October 2, 2019

in the details, darling has a new look!

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    Amazing Jenna! So thrilled for you!