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What a special month October was! I was able to spend such special time in Europe with Jack to reconnect + celebrate my 29th birthday. We made so many memories + ate way too much but my heart has been extra full since.

This month officially marks the start of the holiday season in my eyes, my favorite time of year, so naturally, I celebrate accordingly. Think all the hot chocolate, hallmark movies, Christmas movies, music, cooking, etc.

I love being in the kitchen this time of year + excited to be hosting our 6th Thanksgiving but this year, in a new home! We are officially moving out of my favorite home I have ever lived in, our sweet 2-bedroom apartment in SouthEnd, for a bit of an upgrade. I am so excited about the new place but this cute apartment will always have a piece of my heart. It’s certainly bittersweet.

To no surprise, my goals this month revolve around soaking in the last moments of 2019 as I intentionally plan for 2020. But, before this month’s goals, let’s look at a recap of October!


  1. Be fully present in all I am doing. For the first time in a long time, I felt fully present at all times this month. Specifically when traveling. Jack + I were able to have the deepest, best conversations +, upon returning, I was able to have some really special conversations with my clients. It’s amazing how in tune with those around you that you feel when you simply allow yourself to just “be” and eliminate distractions to give your utmost focus to what you’re making a priority in each moment of your day.
  2. Launch rebrand – new branding, website, + copy! Success! Thank you for sharing in your excitement with me + all of the kind words. It means so much!
  3. Call my grandparents! This was cute! Definitely something that made for a bright spot in my days but also in theirs.


  1. Slow down + just “be”! Days + years go by too quickly but it seems to speed up 2x during the holiday season. I am being conscious to slow down for the rest of 2019 to fully enjoy this season. This is after we move this weekend, of course!
  2. Set 2020 goals. This is personally + for my business. I want to go into December with goals set so I can intentionally set my business + personal life up for success as we close out the year.
  3. Take in + point out the beauty of the “ordinary”. This ties in closely with slowing down + just being. There is beauty + special moments in the simple things. The things that we may not notice is we are hustling or feeling “busy”. I am going to focus on taking those moments in. This is especially important this time of year because it’s a time to be surrounded by loved ones, express gratitude, + make memories.

Thank you for being here! Wishing you a beautiful month + early Thanksgiving. I would love to cheer you on in your goals this month if you would like to share!

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November 1, 2019

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