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November was a sweet, full, + productive month. We moved at the beginning of the month, took a road trip to Virginia for Emily + Outsourcing With Love‘s branding shoot, traveled to San Diego for an in-person strategy session for Milk + Honey Travels, hosted Thanksgiving, + spent a full weekend talking goals along with intentions for 2020 with Jack.

I was able to close out the month with projects so I can take time in December assisting my recurring clients, working on my business, + taking time to enjoy Christmas + ringing in 2020! All in all, a packed, but a great way to lead up into the final month of 2019!

Before jumping into these last 4 weeks, I am going to recap my November goals + share my December goals.


  1. Slow down + just “be”! I did an ok job with this. With the amount on my plate this month made it a little challenging. I did give myself a lot of grace with balancing moving, setting up a house, running a business, + preparing to host Thanksgiving. It all got done, maybe not as I visioned in my head, but giving myself grace with these allowed me to just spend some time “being”.
  2. Set 2020 goals. Yes! Jack + I dedicated a full weekend to plan this. We had numerous talking points so we discuss personal, professional, together, individual, travel, etc. It felt really productive to talk it all out + be very much on the same page.
  3. Take in + point out the beauty of the “ordinary”. I loved this goal + keeping it at the forefront of my mind all month long has changed my mindset in how I approach each moment. This will be a point of emphasis for me every single day.


  1. Slow down + just “be” take 2! Because of all happening in November, I don’t feel like I truly accomplished this. So, take 2. What better time than the last month of the year? I am starting it off just right spending a cozy day at home doing all things Christmas.
  2. Do a full review of my client experience top to bottom. I like to take every few months to do a full review of this. This is everything from canned emails, workflows, forms, gifting, etc. No better time to do it than December to kick off the new year on the right foot.
  3. Rest + be ok with it. It’s not always easy to rest. I have an intense + competitive mentality. With my athletics background, the mindset is if someone is working when you aren’t, they are essentially gaining or beating you out. Honestly, it’s hard to get out of that mentality. Burn out is a real thing + as I continue to always work for better balance, I am always working to be ok resting. To not feel guilty or like I am falling behind. I am working to change this mentality because I know I am certainly much better rested!

Thank you for being here! Wishing you a great last month of 2019 + a happy, memorable holiday season. I hope you’re able to take time to slow down + take in this magical season!

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