jack and jenna daykin using asana to manage our household

It is no secret that I love a good system! When my husband + I were craving to reorganize + be more efficient with how we ran our household, we landed on Asana. It had to have the following criteria: information was easily accessible, we were comfortable with the platform, + it had an app. For us, Asana fit all three + away we went building it to work for our needs.

On another note, if something happened to either of us or both of us + someone needed to gain access to our information we have a “home” for them to do so. Bonus: it’s easy to navigate!

In this blog, I am going to take you through the different boards we have set-up + how it serves us in our day to day:

Our “home board” is exactly as it sounds…the “home” for important, main information we access. This includes:

  • Family members – this breaks down our little family + any important details we want to note.
  • Accounts + bills – this shows any open accounts we have for reoccurring bills in a quick glance + can also take it further to view our expenses spreadsheet.
  • Login information – this gives us access to access our password information. This is a big pain point for us since our computers + phones store this data now, when we get logged out + have to reenter, it always ends in us having to change our passwords. That’s exactly why we have a section for this. We use a password manager to keep everything safe + sound.
  • Doctor’s information – this section breaks down our different doctors, their contact information, websites, + addresses. One less thing to “Google” when we need it!
  • Leo + Finn – our pups deserve their own section! This breaks down our guide to sitting, our sitter’s information, the food they eat, where they get groomed, their vet, + any products we use on them.
  • Spreadsheets – this is where we store any spreadsheets that do not have a “home” on a board. For example our Christmas spreadsheets for both families that break down gifts, food requests, etc.
  • Photos – we organize photos in Dropbox mainly. We can connect our Dropbox to this section so we can easily gain access to photos we store.
  • Experiences/Bucket List – it is also no secret we love to travel + adventure together. There are constantly experiences we are seeing we would love to do, hotels we would love to stay in, + destinations we would love to visit so we collect them all here.
  • Gifting Ideas – I research ideas we can gift to others just for fun because gifting is a big part of who I am! Sometimes I come across a cool idea or company that I may not need at the moment but want to store for the future. I used to rely on my memory but now we have a spot to organize these ideas in.

Our weekly to-dos board is a board that I, Jenna, specifically use. I manage our household so with that comes some recurring weekly tasks. I am a list person so have created a template to apply to each week in Asana. I, then, apply that template to the respective week, add any tasks that come up during the week, + even assign tasks to Jack that he needs to handle that he may need a reminder on. Here’s a look at what our template list looks like:

Asana weekly to-do template example from jenna daykin

*This does not include tasks that reoccur daily as part of my regular routine.

This board is dedicated to weekly meal planning! We have it broken down by month + then the respective weeks. I typically plan dinners + then eat leftovers for lunches. We also always have ingredients to make breakfast in the fridge for breakfast, of course, + then if we need a quick/easy dinner. In the week, I break down what the meals will be, link the recipe or note the cookbook it is in, + then write out the grocery list underneath that. This makes it super simple to make a duplicate of not only a week of planned meals but the actual grocery list, too! Also, above all weeks in the columns, is a “favorites” section, so I can easily pull favorite recipes for future meal planning.

Want to see the board in action? Here’s a video doing just that:

This board is dedicated to all our family + friends. Specifically, the notable days in their lives we want to ensure we acknowledge. We break this down into months then into anniversaries, birthdays, + other date categories. The anniversaries + birthdays are self-explanatory. The other dates category is for work anniversaries, engagement anniversaries, anniversaries of a loved one passing, etc.

One of my weekly to-dos is to review this board. I do this to ensure we make a plan to properly acknowledge the dates with either a gift, card, text, email, call, etc.! We want our people to feel seen, appreciated, + so loved – this helps us with this!

Want to see the board in action? Here’s a video doing just that:

This board is dedicated to our annual to-dos. Years fly by for us + we wanted to have a broken-down picture of the important things we needed to do to ensure we were taking care of ourselves + our “things”. This board consists of annual appointments (doctors, dermatologist, dentist), car maintenance, things around the house that happen once a year. Not only is it something we can “check off” our list but I also date when it happened so we can refer back to it in the future.

This board breaks down each room of our home + connects to an inventory spreadsheet we have created. This is more for me than anyone. I do not like excess or waste + this helps me prevent both as I do the majority of the shopping/restocking.

The inventory spreadsheet breaks down how much we have of what in each room. This is helpful when I am shopping + I forgot to check how much of an item we have or just simply unsure of the status. At my fingertips, I have this information!

Want to see the board in action? Here’s a video doing just that:

Being a pro systems person, this method works so well for us! We have defined “roles” in our home so we have clear expectations for who is doing what + this system only enhances that. It also leaves more time for just enjoying being together vs. determining who needs to do what when or the “did you do this?” conversation. The system we set-up will allow us to grow in it as we continue to grow our family, too!

If you’re going to be implementing this in your day-to-day + want a jumpstart on the graphics I created for organizing each board, here’s access to my Canva template we use! Also, I would love to see your household Asana in action – tag me on Instagram @jenna.daykin!


February 4, 2021

how we use asana to manage our household

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  1. Monica says:

    OMN! I love this! I wish you had an Asana Template I could just upload and customize! But I know I will be doing the meal planning one today!

  2. Laura says:

    Do you have a template of this somewhere to purchase? I would love to see this for sale on Etsy or somewhere!