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My brand refresh is complete + officially HERE! As I was growing in my business, I was outgrowing my DIY everything – branding, website, copy, + images. Join me as I celebrate my dream team behind it + their talents.

the details

October 2, 2019

in the details, darling has a new look!

jenna daykin in the details, darling va and systems strategist for travel professionals celebration
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Are you in desperate need of a vacation but, as a small business owner, think it is easier + less stressful for you to just immerse yourself in work? I am excited to share with you my exact strategy for preparing to take time off! After implementing these changes, along with the systems I have in place, I was able to take a stress-free week off + that month also happened to be my highest in revenue.


July 16, 2019

how to prepare to take stress-free time off

jenna daykin | how to take stress free time off
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My goal is to bring more time, peace, + structure into the business owners I serve. One of those ways is through taking tasks off their to-do list but another is through CRM set-ups + implementation. I mainly focus on Dubsado + TravelJoy, I personally use Dubsado + would like to share with you what is has done for my business!


February 28, 2019

5.5 ways dubsado has changed my business

in the details, darling | 5.5 Ways Dubsado Has Changed My Business
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As an entrepreneur, you’re only as good as the quality of your productivity level, right?  Every move I make is strategic so I can ensure my days are as efficient as possible. This would not be possible without six tools + one talented gal. 

the details

August 29, 2018

my seven everyday must-haves

in the details, darling | My 7 Everyday Must-Haves

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